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Full Version: Heartland Trail Runner Trailer
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As a newbie to this forum, I am seeking info on Heartland trailers. I have never heard of this manuf. up here in Canada. Inside, they look very similar to our Wilderness, but I wondered if anyone had any good ( or bad ) things to say about them overall.
Thanks for your help.
We have a Heartland Landmark Golden Gate. We have had some minor problems. When you are basically "pulling a house down the road", things will work loose/ go wrong. Also, their quality control needed some work. We have one the first ones made. From my understanding, they have made vast improvements on that. Would I buy another in the future? Definitely! The customer service department is the best. You can call Heartland and speak to a top "man" in the company and actually get results. They don't always respond in as fast as a manner as you might like, but you have to remember that you are not the only customer and TRY to be patient. They will get back to you and help you with any problems. It is a beautiful and very comfortable trailer.
Here is an owners forum you can check out. As I said, there are problems which you will read about here, but if you keep reading, you will see the company has come through.
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