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Full Version: Western Horizons - Ramona Canyon Rv Resort Promotion
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I am obviously mistaken because I thought this site did not allow advertising. I've got some puppies for sale that would make great travelling companions. Can I put them on here, Mr. Webmaster?
Big Ben
What kind of puppies do you have for sale and how much are you asking? Can I get an extended warranty on one??

They are pit bulls. They are warranted for one day or until they maul somebody, whichever comes first! The price is $750 each but, for you, a special price of $749.99.
Very interesting warranty. Do you have any with cupholders and remote control?
It looks like you were right, Beastdriver. It is obvious that this doesn't allow advertising as the administrator removed the post. I am glad because it would be kind of a pain to have to sift through ads in the forums. You can get a lot of good information off of this website and ads would just detract from it.

I was also wondering, does the $750 for the puppies include the self cleaning option or does that cost extra? laugh.gif It would be nice not to have to pick up after them all the time.

Nope, the self-cleaning option on the puppies is not available. But, thank goodness, the Webmaster used the self-cleaning option on the blatant advertisement on this site. Restores my confidence!
Big Ben
They must have been on vacation or some thing.
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