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My wife and two small children came to Texas for my work. Upon arriving at Tree Tops RV Village, I was really taken by the overall beauty of the park. There's hundreds of large trees, a small creek running through the middle of the park and the landscaping was wonderful. The day we drove up, the staff was very friendly and helpful. However, after we were there for a couple of weeks, the staff's true colors began to show. For the most part, most everyone was nice to me except the owner, she was pretty rude. My wife, on the other hand, was treated like some third world outsider. Most all of the staff, with exception of one or two individuals, was "very" rude and disrespectfull towards her. When she asked for help with lifting a "full" bottle of propane into the back of her car and help getting it out at our site, the responce was a short, rude and abrupt "NO, we reserve that service for little old helpless ladies". That's exactly what she was told. They didn't care about the fact that those bottles, when full, weigh over 60 pounds. And my wife isn't a professional body builder. She was told that their staff wasn't allowed to lift those bottles for anyone because of liability, yet I personally saw them on more than one occasion lifting those very same size bottles up and into the backs of vehicles and golf carts. In fact, they stood by and watched my wife heave and lug the tank to her car and strain to lift it into the back. When she asked about renting larger propane tanks, the office staff's responce was "Nope, can't do that. Your'e not allowed to have any bigger tank than what came on your unit". Yet an RV just two spots down from ours had a larg tank sitting just outside their door hooked up and was using it. Another time, she was hassled about using the laundramat on the north end when she had 4 loads of clothes to do. What happened to "Texas Hospitality". It's very obvious that the staff at this park caters to people over 50 and looks down upon younger people who come to stay there. My wife never once done anything to anyone to deserve being treated with the rudeness and disrespect that she was treated with at this RV park. If you're elderly or over 55, then you will love it and the staff will be very good to you. If you're younger, don't waste your time here. We will "never" again stay at this park.

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This park would have been a nice place to stay, but they don't allow children on a long term basis. I was going to be in town for work, so I would have been staying on a month to month deal. I don't understand why parks don't allow children. It's very upsetting when I show interest in a park only to have them tell me that they don't want my children to come. I am very family oriented and my family comes with me wherever I go. I have two very well behaved kids that constantly receive compliments on how they act out in public. It's pretty sad that you have to actually ask if you can bring your kids when you go camping. I will never stay at this campground again and I will be telling all of my friends that RV about this park so they wont waste their time researching it as a possible place to go.