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We were looking to winter in Tucson for the mild winter climate. While researching, for a destination, I cam across Mission View. I noticed it's location close to the international airport and called to ask about the noise. I was assured that "we occasionally hear some jets in the afternoon but it's not bad at all" I had asked because to get the quoted rate, I had to pay the entire 5 months up front. We had arrived on Saturday, were escorted to our site by a very helpful staff member and felt like we had made a good choice. Monday, when the office opened, I paid the balance of our bill. Tuesday morning at 05:00 we were literally vibrated awake by F16 jets from the Arizona Air National Guard that used the intl airport to train F16 pilots. When I called the office all I got was "you were told that the rate was non refundable. All in all, the park is nice, has large spaces is a semi gated community and has a lot of activities. I just feel misled by the noise issues. Would I return to the park? Only if I was forced to return to Tucson because the noise comes with the town. My rating would have been a 9 if we didn't have the noise problem or had been warned. Understand that this is not your usual airliner or civilian aircraft noise. These are fighter jets taking off in multiples with afterburners lit, it is very different than your normal aircraft. I rarely notice a commercial takeoff anymore. It is also at all hours, even 1 am or 3 am. This is the most affordable park in Tucson with amenities just be aware you will not get your money back if you can't sleep.