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Birmingham South Campground, Pelham, Alabama

Date of Stay: February, 2007 - $15.00
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I really like the campground a lot: it was extremely clean and quiet; it has all the amenities that I needed; and it is close to the freeway. There is one main problem with this site - there is a train station near by. Normally, listening to train going by is NOT a big problem. In this case, trains like to horn about 5-7 seconds strait when they are about to take off. This happens once or twice a night. I originally signed up with the site as a long term guest(30 days - maybe 2/3 months longer) because I was between jobs and starting in a new city. After the first night of no sleep due to the trains, I discussd the train noise problem with the site manager and wanted to cancel my long term stay (I was very willing to pay the highest fee for the one night stay). Needless to say, the manager flatly refused and indicated that they only allow customer change of mind upto the 1st hour. How the heck am I going to know there are a train near by? She also indicated that it is an inconvenience for her to do so(accumulate other charges from the credit company). Because I am between jobs, I don't have the liberty of dropping everything and moving on. More importantly, $520 is a lot of money for me to overcome. Hence, I bought $3 ear plugs to deal with my issues with the campsite. As soon I have made enough money, I am leaving this train central. Until then there will be a lot of sleepless nights for me. As for this campsite, it is obvious the site manager doesn't care about customer service, it is a matter of greed and convenience to them. Hence, if you don't like noisy sites and don't like being disturbed in the middle of night, don't come here. We camped at Birmingham South Campground in a Motorhome.


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