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Wi-Fi only works if you stand next to the manager's trailer. Useless through the rest of the park. A COCKROACH fell ON MY FACE while I was taking a SHOWER!!! That pretty much says it all about this place. No... there's more and worse. There's a coded lock on the door (and a sign) to keep the prostitutes and druggies out of the bathrooms at night, but someone in the park props the door open every night so they come on in anyway. I tried to take a shower at 11, then midnight, then fell asleep and finally took a shower at 3am... the door was still propped open but at least druggies and prostitutes were gone. Hot shower. That's all I can say. But a COCKROACH on my face. And be careful... in all the nooks and crannies and corners of the shower/laundry house are BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS. I dropped my toothbrush by the sink and thank God I looked before I stuck my hand between the sink and wall. It is not an experience I would ever care to repeat in my life. I'm an RVer, a traveler. After the reviews I read on Google, I expected a good experience, not the experience of staying in a seedy motel where prostitutes do their business.

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This is a wonderful place... we had a spot right next to a little creek. The staff are friendly. Lots of long-term (or at least summer-long) residents but it really has a "camping" and community feel. Please note that the big photo they have on their site does them a GREAT disservice. It really doesn't look or feel that cluttery. You really feel like you're in nature. Like I said, spacious site, backed up to a creek, fresh air... it's idyllic. It's older. It's not a resort. But it's a great place, fun, relaxing. Showers weren't the most pleasant but doable. Quaint little book exchange that I found lovely. I spent the month reading and relaxing. It was one of my favorite experiences in an RV park. Honestly recommend highly.



De Anza RV Resort

Amado, Arizona

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I can not say enough wonderful things about this resort. A beautiful salt water pool (though on the cold side), a jacuzzi, a HUGE clubhouse. Lots of activities. The snowbirders make a wonderful community, full of fun and activities. You can step out your back door and hike the desert. The owners are good people. They're the sort you meet and walk away and say to yourself, "They are good people." I'm trying to think of a negative to be fair and round out my review... but there is none. Great place, great people, wonderful people. Surrounding area great for exploration and learning. And the view is spectacular, wake up every morning to the mountains. See the stars at night.