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Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, Robert, Louisiana

Date of Stay: January, 2007 - $50.00
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We did not camp at this park but were very turned off by the reservation experience. They returned our phone calls to make the reservation, the clerk couldn't answer any questions and then didn't bother to tell us their rigid cancellation policies. They insisted upon a minimum two night stay which makes them hard to use for people "passing through" the area. They tried to force us to pay additional fees for staying during a jazz fest weekend even though that was not part of our plans while we stayed there. They charged the full reservation fee immediately and only then did we realize that the additional fees of $10 per person where a daily "up-charge". When I called to cancel (almost 8 months in advance), that's when I was informed of their cancellation policy. They canceled but charged us $25 fee even though their policy stated it would be a $15 fee. When I complained to the reservation manager, she told me that their policies had changed as of January 1, 2007. They hadn't changed their policies in their email confirmation yet so I insisted that they return an additional $10. It took several emails and several days to accomplish that task. They don't seem at all concerned that their policies make them un-friendly and that they are getting a reputation. We travel with our children and will only stay in places that we can feel safe and comfortable. They are NOT family friendly regardless of what they say on their web site. They are only interested in making money. We camped at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in a Motorhome.


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