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This campground is quiet and might have been a nice place at one time. It used to have cable TV, but apparently it was lost when a rig was pulling out and caught on an overhanging branch which in turn caught on the cable wire and tore it down and damaged the cable system. It was supposed to be fixed in February but it never came about. Comcast did however show up in March for two days at which time they only spent 30 minutes each day, and have not been seen again since. We checked in here for about a week but may end up staying longer. Here are the drawbacks for this campground. There are some really bad riffraff living in old beat up RVs out in the very back of the campground. They are rowdy at times and police are often called in to settle the many disputes that go on here. They give the place a bad reputation, but the owner seems oblivious to it, all she cares about is getting the money. She relies on the guy who owns the store to tend to 'her' campground, she seldom even shows up to check on things. She makes quite a chunk from the campground, but she is putting none of that money back into the campground. Another bad thing is that the campground advertises that they have 28 sites, not so. It only has about 10 working sites. Most all the remaining site are dead sites, nothing works. The trouble with the sites is that for the bigger rigs it is difficult to maneuver into them and getting out is no better or easier. As for the noise factor, besides the riffraff there is also roosters somewhere nearby and they crow from early morning till late night and can be quite nerve wracking after a bit. There are almost no roads to speak of in the park, they are all dirt and pretty much overgrown with grass and fallen leaves. One other bad thing, at times the air sinks because of a factory in the area. Breathing the air is sickening both here and in Perry. As for the bathrooms, from the looks of the building they are pretty dilapidated and I wouldn't venture inside for fear they may collapse. The laundry room? No washers or dryers to speak of, they've all been ripped out of the wall. So, would I recommend this campground? Absolutely not. But if one is desperate and has no choice, then its a good stop only to sleep, if you can with the highway right here next to the rig. I will not stay here again.

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We stayed here for a week and did not sleep well at all. The campground is right next to the interstate and is noisy both day and night. As for the lake, it is more of a muddy pond and I never saw alligators or much of anything else in it. It did however, have some kind ovf muck floating on top of it. The place has no cableTV and the WiFi it does have, you have to pay seperately. With nothing to do but sit and watch traffic go by, one could go crazy here. To use the bathrooms you need to know the combination to the locks, where did they ever come up with that??? As for the owners, completely socially unskilled and he is totally anti- social and not someone who can engage someone else in conversation. The whole week that we stayed there neither ever spoke a word to us till the last day when we were leaving. All in all, I will not stay here again and do not reccommend this place.