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My family and spent a weekend last year at Acres of Wildlife. We were invited there by friends that go every year at this time. Must say that I'm having mixed feelings about the experience. The first experience was of the 3 mile gravel entrance road. Not sure if it was due to recent rain or if it was the normal state of the road, but have you ever experienced the "wash board" effect on a gravel road? It darn near vibrated my fillings out. Knocked a lot of things off the shelves in the camper, and we've never had anything fall before. Second impression was of all the kids. Granted, we checked in early Friday evening and everyone was out in force. That along with the entrance's proximity to the mini-golf course, rec building and basketball court explained all the kids. We stayed in the safari field and all in all the site was fine. Had water and electric, no sewer (more on this later). Would rather have a clear road through the field but instead they have you drive across willy nilly. There were plenty of activities and the facilities were all top notch, although I agree with Crowe about "Manny's Garage". As you come around the office/store into the main part of the campground, you find yourself smack dab in the middle of the cg's maintenance yard. Not a real big deal, but I just don't want to have to see the maintenance equipment, trucks, etc. in the campground. Should be isolated and hidden IMO. The worst part of the whole weekend was late Sunday morning. Since we didn't have a sewer site, we had to visit the dump station on the way out. Now, I know that the dump station by definition is not particularly sanitary. But this was down right disgusting. Acres advertises that they have a 3 bay dump station (3 pads/holes in a row so 3 trailers can dump at the same time). Each pad has small square hole to dump into (about 1.5'x1'). Seems that at some point, Acres had bolted metal grates across the hole so that instead of putting the hose down the hole, you lay it onto the pad and let 'er rip. Well, as you can imagine, the problem arises when not all the fecal matter in your tanks has been digested by the tank chemicals. As I pulled up to the dumping station, I was greeted by the presence of mounds of previous dumpers waste resting atop the grates. And it was not their fault, there was simply nowhere for the undigested matter to go (1/2" spaces between the grates and they were bolted down). In fact, the middle station was so clogged that there was a layer of scummy water (not sure if it was grey or black) across the top rendering it unusable. I chose the "cleanest" of the three and tried my hardest to remain clean. While I was dumping, a cg employee pulled up in his golf cart with a rake to the clogged station and started to try and push everything through the grate. I'm pretty sure I heard someone vomiting at the last station as I was putting things away. If I thought I could find a dump station anywhere close to my route home, I'd have driven right out of there. Without a doubt, the most disgusting experience I've ever had (or heard about) at a dump station. And yes, use your imagination about how bad it could have been and it was that bad! Do yourself a favor and just don't come here.

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We go to this campground ever year for the past 8 year. There are a lot of activities for kids of all ages. Two pools and last year they even has an adult swim time which was great. No kids for ones. The lake needs to be fixed the slope to go into the water is too deep you could just roll into the water... The sites are a bit small and they are always busy. The best time to go is during the week if you want quite,,

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This campground NEEDs to be closed. No other way to say it. Water slide looks like its about to break. Road is extremely uneven. Power lines and electrical boxes just on sticks. Managers were extremely RUDE. So were most of the workers. Playground had a few parties that looked liked they were over 30 years old. The only nice thing here was the movie theater. GO anywhere else! Just not here.