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East Fork COE

Wylie, Texas

Date of Stay:

Do not even know where to begin. Stayed there two weeks. No bathrooms and no showers most of our stay. Took shower one night and was standing in raw sewage. Their solution was to drive 6 miles to nearby park to use restroom and shower. WHAT? One couple who works office very nice and helpful. Other couple leaves a bit to be desired. Actually shut the gate bar down on top of our vehicle. Was a mistake, but... This is an Army Corp park and I went up the chain of command regarding deplorable condition of restrooms. They apologized but that was it. Maintenance was more concerned with making sure we were not parking on the grass rather than get bathrooms functioning. Weather has taken a huge toll on this park but at least let your campers know there is no bathrooms. No sewer hookup either, so you full timers can only imagine. Never mowed around site either. In 1.5ft of grass whole time.

Date of Stay:

Stayed at this campground for a short time. Rented one of the cabins. We are full time RVers and our rig was in the shop so we thought this was a great alternative while we waited for our "home" to be complete. On way to campground owners called and asked where we were? We were then told there is a 5pm check in, with no option for late check in.... WAIT, WHAT???? Yes you have to be there by 5pm. There is so much paperwork to fill out upon arrival that check in took almost 30 minutes, with repeated reminders that we were there "late". We stayed a few days and entire time felt we were under a microscope by owner. He would actually follow husband and I to cabin when we came in after work. Sometimes he would want to chat, sometimes just sat and watched us. We wanted neither. Long days and tired. Leave us alone. If we want to chat we will come find you. Also we have a special needs daughter. He was so paranoid about her being there that he made reasons to stop and check on her. Kind in the right environment, but it seemed like it stemmed more from paranoia. This is a BEAUTIFUL clean and well kept park and I understand because of his due diligence it is able to remain that way... but CHILL OUT, please! We left and didn't extend just because it was overboard. We are travel professionals. I am a travel nurse and husband a Commercial construction superintendent. We are not going to trash your place or deal drugs out the back of our vehicle.... relax!!!