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Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio

Date of Stay: May, 2007 - $27.00
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We stayed at Caesar Creek State Park Campground during Memorial Day weekend of 2007. When we arrived at the campground, it was very clean, neat, and well-kept (including the bathrooms). We stayed at a site in D Loop which was quiet and very spacious, nestled in a nice cul-de-sac. However, a few hours after we arrived, the spotless bathrooms turned into a complete mess. You see, the campground was now completely to its full capacity because of the holiday weekend, and there were now tons of people with tons of kids running around. The bathrooms went from clean and neat to having fecal matter smeared across the bathroom stall walls, soggy dog food sitting in the sink, wet piles of toilet paper on the floor, urine all over the toilet seats, and many more repulsive things I will not mention. It made me angry every time I went to the bathroom because of the selfish ignorance people seemed to have when going to the bathroom. I felt bad for the poor campground janitors who had to constantly clean up the disgusting messes left by people with no common sense or consideration for anyone else. Literally 30 minutes after the bathrooms were cleaned on Sunday, there was fresh fecal matter smeared on the bathroom stall walls again, urine once again all over the seats, unflushed clogged toilets, and wet toilet paper all over the floor. I do not blame the campground for this as they worked hard to constantly clean up what messes were made. Other than that, the campground was large and quiet and the lake was great for fishing, swimming, and boating. The campground even offered church on Sunday and evening Disney movies outdoors for families to watch. I would definitely go back there to stay, just not during a full capacity holiday weekend. We camped at Caesar Creek State Park in a Tent.


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