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Ashuelot River Campground, Swanzey, New Hampshire

Date of Stay: May, 2007 - $35.00
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Stargate: Memorial Day weekend, our third voyage since we brought the girl home. Ashuelot River Campground in Southwestern New Hampshire. Year, 2007, the 24-28 day of May. The best of times was having a rental car (thank you, thank you) so we could get off the campground to see all of the beautiful things Southern New Hampshire and Southern VT has to offer. (We stayed near Keene, NH). The worst of times: put your seat belts on and get ready for the trek of your life. The campground from ___. On arrival we were escorted to a claimed 70 site campground (actually only held about 25 sites). We were the lucky recipient of site number 70 which was 100 feet from the office, 80 feet from the owner’s residence, and 3 feet from the men’s room/dump station. The escort was very interesting, as I think the owner just wanted to check us out. When we finally arrived at site 70 (the voyage was long and hard), we ask the owner if another site was available (we reserved at least 1 – 1 ½ months ago) as we had two dogs (told them on the phone at reservation time) and thought there would be too much commotion 3 feet from the men’s room. Needless to say, we became the welcoming wagon for everyone who stayed at this campground from ___. Which by the way, everyone else who stayed has a similar story to tell. During our set up, the owners watched our every move, considering we were in their backyard. As the other guests arrived, the owners escorted them to their sites (helping everyone who didn’t want help). They proceeded to patrol the campground (about 20 sites full, 5 vacant) two, maybe three times a day. Security at its best? We asked if there was another site in which they said no (of course). We continued to set up, got the ‘GO Pens’ out, dogs settled in. The wife of the owner must have come home from work (Thursday night) when she approached us and said that the dogs need to be leashed at all times, including in their pens. I said WHAT (?), and decided to do nothing but yes ma’am, yes sir them. We decided that we needed to find a way to make the best of the situation when the bugs from ___ came out. Bad, really bad, mutant mosquitoes, immune to everything (we have bug bites on top of bug bites). Funny how all the bugs were gone once we drove off the campground. The campground claims to be on a river (which it is), however; the banks were all overgrown, the water was full of bugs and debris, had a single path access and a 4-8 foot drop to the water. No swimming, which wasn’t mentioned on the phone. We were worried to even have the dogs go in it. By the way, we don’t want campgrounds with a lot of amenities, but at least be true to your advertising, which also pictured a beautiful, charming covered bridge and crystal clean river. Three feet from the men’s/ladies room (of course we had the men’s room side). We heard every defecation, every fart, and even more then I care to tell you. In addition, the septic smelled horrid at times. Imagine trying to restrain yourself from saying God bless you when a guy sneezed from the men’s room? And you would think that the least they could do is cut the grass before the holiday weekend. Can you believe this place? I over heard the owners talking here and there with other visitors and shook my head saying this is not going to last, they are not going to make it. And the rec room (nice and huge), but all they had was scant motion detector lighting. What a great way to stay in shape (had to keep moving around to keep the lights on), which didn’t even allow you to see the huge bug that was about to bite you not to mention being able to play a game. Their camp store had 3-4 varieties of candies (and lots of it), and that’s it! Nothing else. How smart are they! To think that we actually had to pay prime $ to camp in someone’s back yard. No TV reception at all either. Not like we could stay outside to enjoy the fire or anything (mutant bugs!) Speaking of fire. For 4-6 pieces of kindling firewood they charged $4. We brought our own (because we could, as allowed), but had this terrible feeling that they thought we were stealing it from the pile behind the men’s room! When we pulled out, the owner stopped us, and thanked us for cleaning up the site so well (and after the dogs) on our departure. All I can say is: Thank you for the rental car and “Murder She Wrote” series DVD and a great sense of humor. We camped at Ashuelot River Campground in a Motorhome.


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