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First, let me say I’m not sure what brought us to Jonestown, PA, but the thought of going to a KOA made it sound fun. The idea of a week sitting by a nice large pool, and a campground with many activities made it seem like a great retreat. WOW – Were we disappointed! We arrived on Saturday with a huge party going on… loud music playing until after 8:00 PM. After we set up, we went to the pool to cool down. The pool was much smaller than the pictures lead you to believe. (All I can say is wide angled lenses!) We were also very disappointed by the fact that there were no pool chairs. No, not that they were all taken – There was NONE! We inquired about pool chairs and were informed they were all stolen and new ones would be delivered soon. We also tried to access the internet to no avail. Day two, Sunday, was just as disappointing. We inquired about the WIFI service to learn the router was not working, and they were waiting on a computer tech to arrive the following day to repair it. No big deal… After all it’s still the weekend; we can wait until Monday to check in at home. We also inquired about when the pool chairs were going to be delivered and inform not until the next week (after we were gone.) So, we spent the day at the pool lying on the ant invested grass. There was some kind of party going on (not campers) in which the pool was full of unsupervised children. Later in the day, we decided to venture to a store to purchase chairs… We asked the manager where the closest store was to buy chairs for their pool. She sent us to Wal-Mart, and we drove 30-minutes to spend $40. Day three, we got up early and ventured. We returned later that day to discover there were indeed pool chairs… NO, not new ones but old used ones which had not been clean in a long long time. We inquired about the chairs, and were told that they had been there the whole time and should have been out. When we complained about the fact that we had ask about them on three different occasions and spent our own money on them, no apologizes were offered nor any effort to satisfy us. Day four, another day by the pool this time with pool chairs! I know I mentioned the ants, but I cannot leave out the flies! They crawled all over you while you sat by the pool… This day was one of the hottest days of our vacation. We had a late dinner and were done about 20-minutes till 8:00. The children were all hot and wanted a swim. I went to ask the manager if there would be any way they could leave the pool open a little later (it closes at 8:00.) The answer was “No, it’s a federal offense. There were employees who kept the pool open and they are no longer with the company.” By the point, I received the answer the kids were at the pool ready to go. The jumped in the water at 7:43 by my watch… Then proceeded to swim until the “owner” said it was almost time to close. I said I have 8-minutes until 8:00, and she said no there were only three minutes. When questioned further by my friend about not being able to keep the pool open, she said the pool had to close at dusk because there were no pool lights. Just in case you never been to PA in August, dusk doesn’t occur until after 9:00… It was still light until 9:20! Oh, I forgot to mention… The WI-FI is still not working. Now, we have asked about the WI-FI everyday several times a day. We were originally told that they would have someone out to look at it on Monday. Then were told on Monday that they had to call about it… Now the best part is the office had internet. They never once offered to check something for us. A couple of times we just wanted directions… The main reason we needed access is that my sister-in-law needed it for her job. We also inquired if there was any other place we could go to access WI-FI, and were told they didn’t know. This day we were so fed by, we went into town found WI-FI to send a letter to corporate KOA in which we received a response that they would respond within 48-hours. Day five, WI-FI finally works. No response to our Email. No one came to tell us it was working either. The pool was very cloudy, and the pump wasn’t working. We now refer to it as the “cesspool”. When we asked about the pool, we were told the pool chlorine was ok… NOT THE POINT. The bathrooms are disgusting and haven’t been cleaned. There are mushrooms growing in the cracks of the floor boards. The mushrooms are about 3-4 inches tall with two inch heads in one spot then there are many smaller ones about an inch tall. The joke of the day was the KOA website brags about clean bathrooms. When we asked if the bathrooms were going to be cleaned (as they are suppose to be cleaned from 2-3 daily and it was 4:30), the answer was “I hope someone shows up.” They could not provide us a concrete answer even when we pushed… However, we were told that he thought the mushrooms were a nice touch. No, we didn’t even have to mention it… he knew! By the way, the bathrooms were still not cleaned at 8:30 PM. Day six, pool opens two hours late due to them shocking the pool. I guess there was some truth to our joke that it was a “cesspool”. Again, the bathrooms were not cleaned at 5:00… Later that day around 6:30 they were cleaned a little… the mushrooms were still growing, the floors still disgusting, but the sinks were clean. Day seven, pool looks clean… still very old and it wasn’t vacuumed the entire week. We skimmed the pool everyday several times to try to keep it clean. The pool was not in good shape: The ladders where cracked, the hand rail was rusted and broken and the paint was pealing off the inside of the pool. Bathrooms still disgusting… I forgot to mention it has been over 72 hours and no response to our Email. Overall, here is my summary: Activities – NONE! The kids who generally love the KOA activities where very disappointed. Not one posted activity the entire time we were there! Despite the fact that their web-site advertises planned activities! Campsite – We reserved their premium grass sites that were boarded by a grass field. Our sites backed up against the entrance road, where cars drove 45 MPH! Where our site was, there was no grass! We choose this campground as it also let you put up a tent on the site. This became a huge ordeal as to try and find a space where you could be a tent without it being right out the door of the camper. Amenities – In a word AWEFUL! I’ve said enough about the cesspool and disgusting bathrooms. The playground was in desperate need of repair. On the miniature golf course over half of the holes had damage, not to mention the fact that it was not up kept. You had to clear the green before you could take a shot. The store had next to nothing in it. That’s it folks! That’s all the amenities! Service - This is what really bothered us! Here we are paying them $600 for two sites, and all they could do is show their indifferent and aloof attitudes! We were told so many stories we could keep them straight! T he best part was the same person would contradict themselves. Not once did we receive an apology or an expression of compassion, empathy, anything! Originally we were just disappointed with this campground! Remember we felt compelled to complain to KOA, and we were promised a response within 48-hours. We went 192 hours before we got a response. Ready for this… No it’s too good to tell, I’m going to quote KOA. “Thank you for taking the time to share your comments about your experience with the KOA. Your feedback, good or bad is important to us because it allows us to make improvements and serve you better. I apologize for the situation you have encountered with the facilities at the campground. Although we are partners with our independent franchise owners and continually work together to provide a clean and comfortable camping standard, KOA franchise owners set the policies that are the best fit for their individual businesses. Be assured that we will share your comments and record them for our records. Again, thank you for your comments. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you need further assistance. Sincerely, <name removed>” So, this is how they choose to respond. I don’t know about you, but if someone was making my name look that bad I’d step in. What about those great people and great camping.

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WOW - What a great time! The staff was very accommodating! The pool was a little busy, but large enough to hold everyone. The store was very nice, the food was great and reasonably priced. We traveled here with a Girl Scout group and had a great weekend! Can't wait to go back!

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This campground was very clean. The bathrooms and showers were expectional! I enjoyed the activities and just walking around the enormous trails.