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Overall a pleasant camping experience. They offer all what you would expect at a campground.

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First of all, we should have read the other reviews before we went to this campground. It would have saved us the drive, the time and meeting the very rude and belligerent staff. I know that I was late when I was looking for a campground with free sites 3 days before Labor Day. I thought I would give it a try. I read that this campground had a 3-day minimum but when they called me and told me that they had a free campsite they didn't mention it. I booked only one night. I booked the campsite for the regular rate of $27. We got there in the afternoon. At check-in the staff was friendly and the soon to be grumpy guy would show us our site. Getting there I immediately noticed that there was no picnic-table. The grumpy guy didn't have an answer for that. Further, we noticed that our campsite was far from flat. There was no leveled surface as all other sites on the campground had. I called the office and asked about the picnic-table. I also mentioned that our site wasn't leveled and that it didn't make sense that we paid the regular rate. At this point the lady mentioned that this was an overflow campsite (interesting to know!) and that there was a credit to be processed. We would only pay $20. I told her that a picnic-table is one of the most important things when camping. She told me that we would get a table but then we would have to pay the full rate. Once again I told her that this site isn't flat at all and paying the full rate wouldn't be justified. On the phone, she told me that this is all she could do. After waiting for the picnic-table to arrive (it was about dinner time) for over 45 minutes, we went to the office. Long story short, the whole staff insisted that this site was as flat as any other site and that if I got a table we would have to pay the full rate. Now comes the best part which proves the belligerent behavior. They threatened to call the deputy if I didn't stop complaining. Eventually we left without staying for the night. This campground is all but crappy. Already at the campground I said camping on a parking lot would be nicer. The campground operator is lucky to have the Rocky Mountain National park nearby. This must be an overflow campground. I'm sure that all other campgrounds fill up first. Rather visit some other place.


Deer Creek

Bailey, Colorado

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This is a simpler campground with reasonable rates. We enjoyed the secluded location. The host was very friendly and accommodating.