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Note: our nightly rate was reflective of a combination of weekly rate discount and senior rate discount. We stayed here for 16 consecutive nights: which included 2 busy weekends, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. Both the setting and landscaping is gorgeous. The campground is located up in the hills, about 3 miles north of the Gorge. You are close enough to the Gorge to have convenient access to all the area has to offer, but far enough away that you do not hear any of the noise from the trains that run along the Gorge 24/7. It is obvious that the owner, takes tremendous pride in his campground. It is beautifully maintained and he takes a very active, hands-on approach. During the 2 weeks we were there: he was there every day, including the weekends, working side-by-side with his employees and the on-site workamper hosts. Since we camped here for a little over 2 weeks we had the opportunity to meet a lot of the campers. The campground attracts an interesting mix of people: fulltimers like ourselves; families on vacation; and also local people looking to get away from town and enjoy some camping, hiking and the outdoors. We were very impressed with how friendly and respectful everyone was of one another. We had no problems during our stay with anyone being unruly or loud. We would strongly suggest reservations if you want to camp here on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. This is clearly a very popular destination campground with a lot of the locals from the Portland/Vancouver area and weekends are generally full. Our experience was excellent and when we visit the Gorge in the future Timberlake is THE campground we will stay at.



Pine Lakes RV Resort

Baytown, Texas

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Beware! This park is running a "non-refundable deposit" scam. The reservation section of their website says $25/day with no deposit required. When we called ahead to check on availability for two nites they indicated that they had one site left. They then indicated that if we wanted to reserve the site for two nites that it required a charge to our credit card of a "$50 deposit that is non-refundable." We had no problems with a deposit to hold the site. We understand parks need to protect themselves from holding sites for people who wind up being no shows. Besides, the deposit was essentially our two night camping fee simply paid in advance. Upon arrival they informed us that the rate was $30/day as opposed to the $25/day they post on their website. We were okay with that, it's only $5 difference per day. However, we were not okay with what they told us next. The $50 deposit was NOT going to be applied towards our camping fee of $60. The $50 deposit was being charged IN ADDITION to our $60 camping fee. This brought our total for 2 days to $110, or $55/day. When you challenge them their response is "We made it clear that the deposit was non-refundable." Sure, they tell you it's a non-refundable deposit. Any campground that requires a deposit to hold a site for you makes it clear that if you don't show they keep the deposit. We're cool with that. What this campground DOESN'T tell you is that the $50 non-refundable deposit is NOT applied towards your camping fee. You don't find that out until you've driven all day to get to your "reserved" campsite and you are handing over your charge card to pay for the site. This campground should be avoided at all costs. They are running a "play on words" scam and picking up an extra $50 with every camper who calls ahead for reservations.