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Hardin KOA

Hardin, Montana

Date of Stay:

This campground is small, but very clean and nice. The tent sites were shaded. The bathrooms were clean. The pool hours are 12:30 to 9. We arived at 8:50 so there was no time to swim and the kids were really lookingg forward to that. I asked in the morning if they would consider allowing the kids to swim even though it was closed. They opened it for them for 20 minutes. I thought that was very nice. Wish the pool opened up in the morning to take a morning swim! The people were nice. The playground was fun too.


Cody KOA

Cody, Wyoming

Date of Stay:

This campground was our family favorite on this trip! It was very clean and nice. There was an awesome pool there and hot tub. Even a baby pool. The playground was nice too. They have a huge pillow that the kids can bounce on. Its much like a trampoline only very safe as it sits on the ground. I wish the tent sites were better. They were located right by the bathroom and people were walking through them to go to the bathroom and there was no shade on the tent sites. It was still very fun and we will definitely return!

Date of Stay:

Do yourself a favor and forget this place! This was the worst experience we have ever had. The owner is a jerk. I mean very mean and cruel. We pulled up and saw that there was another family being helped so we decided to do a circle around to see if we wanted to tent camp or cabin camp. The owner rushed up to us on his four wheeler and asked us what we were doing. We told him we were just scoping out the place to see if we wanted to tent camp or get a cabin. He gruffly stated that there is no scoping allowed and that we were to have stopped at the office first. We headed down to the office and parked, and he rushed up to us once more and told us to leave the campground. We were stunned! We asked him why and he said because he did not want us staying here if we were rule breakers and could not even obey the rules posted on the front gate. There were no rules we checked on our way out. I started to tell him that we were going to purchase a site and he started yelling to get off his property! He was irate and we just left. I am so glad he showed his true colors before we stayed! My husband is a pastor and we have 3 little ones and our car was loaded on top of the luggage rack too so he knew we were traveling. We are very clean cut, upstanding people. I am only saying this because I can understand if we were rough looking people who were causing trouble. It was not like that at all. This owner is on a power trip and why on earth does he own a campground if he hates people? Also don't we have a right to see the place before we pay? It says all sales final so I am sure people pay and then just leave this dump after they see it and after the owner yells at them for something. Look at all the posts on here and stay away from this one!