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This park is clean, well kept and all the don'ts are visible posted. The lady was very nice. The old gruff that is referred to in previous reviews wasn't present (must have been making new signs: at least 200+). My impression about the signs left me feeling that Serbian prision camps had a better customer relations department than this place. The dog walk/playground is nice except at night it's darker than pitch black! The temporary visitors were nice and friendly, the perminent residents must have been recruted from the retiring Serbian prison guard ranks. Don't leave early, you be greated by some very unfriendly folks. We only stayed one night so we may have caught them and a bad time. (Or the rest of the staff was out tormenting street people and we got them on a good day). I'd stay again only if I got a signed statement from six people saying they planted (carried him to his grave) the absurd person that posted so many DON'T or TURN IN OFFENDER signs.

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It was very nice (except for the Motorcross people but that was a minor distraction). The staff was very helpful, friendly, diligent and seemed to want to make the stay as nice as possible. They also listened to suggestions about improvements (having pallets at the shower stalls so you can change in the outside of the stall while not standing in a puddle). But this was a relativly minor problem. The only other problem I would say about the bathrooms (they are being remodled: materials are set to be installed) was all the privacy latches had been kicked out (motorcross idiots). The pet walk is nice. The only improvement I would make is an inclosed dog run). The park is leased from the U.S. Forestry Dept. so I know they are limited on improvements (federal forms and burocratic oversite limit fast reaction to suggestions). It was a very nice stay and YES, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO RETURN!

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The park is clean and well maintained, but the rules apply only to the guests. We stayed here over the Christmas Holidays and did have a good time in the Alpine area. We will go back but will stay at the Lost Alaskan next time. The rest rooms arn't opened till after 9:00 am and shut down at 7:00pm. Hard to use if you want to get an early start. The speed limit is strictly inforced unless your "the owner" running your own dog in a golf cart at 15 mph (5mph to all others). One way traffic unless you work here then it doesn't apply. Do as we say NOT AS WE DO applies.