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My five children ages 8-16 and I camped here at a single site in a large tent on one of the prime, lake front sites. We had decided that we should check out a state park that was in our hometown so that we could use it as a basis of comparison for our other summer camping trips. SITES: While many sites were available with basic lean-to's, they looked like a haven for bats and the kids weren't keen on "open-air camping" so we opted to bring our nifty, new tent. We had a nice view of the lake and while the site and the ground was soft enough to make sleeping on the ground a bit easier as this was only our second camp out since last fall. swimming.) PETS: While we love pets, but choose to leave ours at home while we camp, the one downside to them is that their owners aren't always very considerate. In this instance, there was only a very small sandy swimming beach available on our section of the park and a man was choosing to let his two large retrievers romp all over the beach and in the water on this particular stretch of shore. We left when one began to urinate on a section of tall grass on the shoreline. Sigh. THE BEACH: The swimming beach was a bit of a disappointment. The water looked beautiful but didn't smell quite right. The kids tried it for a bit and then decided to explore on their bicycles. BOATS/KAYAKS/CANOES: I understand a boat launch is on-site- we don't have our own boat. THE STORE: While there wasn't a camp store available for forgotten items, there is a large grocery store about 10 minutes away. THE PLAYGROUND: If there was one, we didn't see it! RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: The restrooms were ok, small but usually pretty clean. The pay showers were acceptable clean. CABINS: Apparently many waterfront cabins and a separate sandy beach are available here, too. Sorry, we didn't venture over to check them out. So overall, we found our "local" state park campground to be well worth a visit. We actually returned for a visit on the Fourth of July where the fireworks that innumerable people were setting off around and over the lake looked amazing!

Date of Stay:

I camped out in a tent with my five children ages 8-16 and we all decided that we would definitely be returning to camp here again next year. SITES: We stayed midweek and were able to choose between several tent sites. While most sites were rather close together and many were on the small side all had a very hard dirt area to set up camp. (Sites 301-30,50, 53,57-59, 224-225 were our definite NO's and 51, 54, 55 were OK and 49, 52, 56, and 310 were quite nice. Note* Access to 310 can be tricky as it is VERY rough with large roots and rocks) Also, all sites have great natural rock fire rings- make sure to bring your own grate/grill though if you'd like to cook over them! I sent my troops to the adjacent woods (allowable by park mgmt) and they collected more than enough downed branches and logs to keep our campfire going until 11:30pm when it's time for everyone in the camp to douse their fires and get to bed. PETS: While it's great to see responsible pet owners, and the majority of them here were, in 3 days we encountered numerous doggie doos on our walks to the bathroom and recreation sites. It was also hard to ignore the two dogs (separate sites) that had been left alone in their sites to bark for 45+ minutes. The latter was at about 7:15 am. Sigh. POOL: The pool and its slides were definitely the highlight of our trip and we spent countless hours here. While there is a small corner that is 5 1/2 feet deep, most of the pool is a comfortable 3- 3 1/2 feet deep. There is no lifeguard on duty but most of the children we encountered had parents present and MOST of them adhered to the safety rules. The larger water slide is quite long, it takes 5-6 seconds to travel from top to bottom, and children are supposed to go down it singly and they are NOT supposed to climb back up into the slide at the bottom. After the 4th or 5th time my smaller children were landed on and/or collided with a child that had ventured back up the tube I figured it was alright to point out the rules to other people's children! THE FOOD: The Poolside Cafe offered a decent variety of very reasonable meals for both breakfast and lunch/dinner. Favorites were the french toast & homefries, chicken strips, potato salad, chicken deluxe sandwiches and french fries. Unfortunately, the veggie omelet and the pizza were very disappointing and the coleslaw (a "required" side item on meals) was practically inedible. Also, sundaes were great and slurpees were a no-thanks as they were mostly ice and servings were very small. FISHING POND: Sorry to say, but this "stocked" pond was very dismal looking and while my avid fisherkids tried for hours with a variety of bait they never even got a nibble. A bit disappointing, but they consoled themselves by spending more time at the pool! RECREATION HALL: While this dimly lit hall with its pool tables (2), air hockey (2) and video/pinball games (6 working) called to my teenagers- our rule is that unless it's raining we stay unplugged while we're camping. VOLLEYBALL-BASKETBALL PAVILION: The full-size double court always had many multi-aged groups of kids playing friendly games and the volleyball net was big enough for a full game. PLAYGROUND: The structures are very inviting to younger children and the chipped wood grounds make it very safe. Quite nice. THE CAMP STORE: The store is well-staffed with "friendlies" and there is a fairly extensive offering of last minute forgotten but necessary camp items. As expected, the mark up is pretty high (ex. $2.25 for a small bag of marshmallows and $4 for low-quality hot dogs) so while there isn't a large grocery store around there is a small corner store deli about 5-10 minutes away in Warren where we did our food shopping. RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: The restrooms were OK, small but usually pretty clean. The showers, bring quarters, were coffin sized and by 8:30am the hot water was unavailable (I'm assuming that there was some before then...). Sorry, we weren't around for any of the live entertainment or weekend activities.

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My finance and our five children ages 8-16 camped here at a single site in two tents and we all decided that we would definitely be returning to camp here again next year. It was our first trip of the season and it whet the kids' appetites for camping. SITES: We used the Reserve America site to book our site in May. While many of the sites were rather close together the earthy soil most provided for tent sites was very giving and almost comfortable.(Sites 58-75 and 130-124 were very nice- close to the lake and/or brook with the exception of 65! 65 was small and seemed to be on right in the middle of the "bathroom highway trail".4, 6, 9 and 11 offered some privacy and were right on the sandy beach used for swimming.) All the sites had a nice picnic table or two and the concrete fire rings each had a largely spaced grate on which we placed our grill tops from our Weber at home. The campsites are very clean and downed twigs/branches for tinder are hard to come by. We purchased firewood at a small shop not far from the park. PETS: Sadly, we didn't see many furry friends but the upside was that we didn't hear any late at night or in the morning or step in their poo, either. THE BEACH: The swimming beach was a bit of a disappointment. The water looked beautiful but only a small portion of the beach was roped off and available for swimming. ALSO, swimming was only allowed when the lifeguards were available (2 young 20s girls) and they restricted the kids to 1/2 of the roped area and the children were not allowed to bring in any of their tubes, floaties, beach balls, or eye masks/goggles/snorkels. It was a pretty huge let-down and the snooty lifeguards (one read a book barely in view of the beach even though she was "on-duty") didn't help! What was even more of a disappointment was that the children weren't allowed to take a dip in the lake by our site- I think it called out to them then entire stay!!! Oh, the beach sand was great for the kids to play in and they did find loads of "fun" freshwater snail shells in the water. BOATS/KAYAKS/CANOES: While many people had a great time on the lake, sadly, the park didn't offer any rentals:( THE STORE: While there wasn't a camp store available for forgotten items, there is a Wal-Mart about 15 minutes away in a neighboring city. THE PLAYGROUND: While there wasn't a formal playground, there was a common lawn where the kids were allowed to set up our volleyball, badmiton set and still have room for a game of football. Don't forget your toys! RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: The restrooms were OK, small but usually pretty clean. The showers were exceptionally nice and practically immaculate. There were six at the site near us and they were very large, free, and had plenty of hot water! The one drawback was that you had to push a button to make the water continue to spray every 90 seconds or so. I guess that's the price you have to pay for a nice, hot shower, though and it was worth it. So overall, this is an amazingly beautiful place to camp and is well worth a visit.