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I've been RV'ing for more than 30 years and during this time I have never posted my experiences (good or bad) on any open forum on the Internet. With that said, I felt it was my duty to let people know how horrible Lo-Lo-Mai is. I should have taken the advice from the post on June 2007. The staff at Lo-Lo-Mai are the rudest we found during our 30+ years of RV'ing. Lo-Lo-Mai is a family owned/run business so any complaint you may have is targeted at the family and you know how far that will get you. We witnessed the owner's daughter scream at a new visitor who was late arriving (after dark). Check-in here at Lo-Lo-Mai is between mid-afternoon (what ever that means) and 6:00pm which is a very small window. If you arrive after the sun goes down (around 8pm in July) you will find a short, late 40's to early 50's red-headed woman, who is losing her hair, go ballistic almost to the point of convulsions. I later talked with other campers who had a similar experience with bitter woman. Forget a refund no matter what the reason. During our stay the power was down, no water and no flushing toilets or showers for more than two days and campers we talked with who asked for a refund were DENIED! Not even a discount was offered even though they provided no amenities. Internet Access is poor to none (up maybe 10% of the time). The bathrooms were down right filthy. In fact, you can see gummed up urine on the walls in the mens' bathroom, which must have been there for several months at least. Geese enter your campsite, do their business and attack your wife, kids and pets. My wife was attacked by a goose that left a terrible bruise on her thigh from the vicious bite. The owners have at least two large dogs that wonder the grounds and urinate and defecate all over the place (watch your step). They feed skunks, half dozen cats and racoons nightly. What problem does that cause? It makes these animals think humans give handouts so you'll often find skunks under your RV rummaging around looking for food and chewing on your electric brake lines! The bugs there were out of control! We stayed for two nights and I received at least 50 bites and that was from making a trip or two to their filthy bathrooms. There is no way I could recommend staying at Lo-Lo-Mai unless you like to be abused by staff (family members) and enjoy the smell of urine in the hot afternoon. If you enjoy paying way too much for a campsite (extra charges for each person and slide you have) and like being abused by a fat, ugly phychotic woman, Lo-Lo-Mai might be the place for you. For me however, I couldn't wait to leave and I will never return to this disgusting, bug infested hole! You're better off staying at Wal-Mart.

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Another great RV park. My 7yr old caught her first fish here! In fact, she caught 6 of them. We enjoyed our stay here. We agree with a previous poster that they need to reconfigure their laundry room so guests have access after the office closes. The problem is most are here to visit Yellowstone park during the day and get back later in the early evening when the office is closed. That makes laundry not available for most. The restrooms were extreemly clean with stainless steel sinks. The showers were large with good pressure and were hot. They have a nice marina and boat rental is available. The scenery is fantastic. We would recommend this park to others.

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One of the nicest parks we've stayed at in the last 30 days. We spent a week at this park and absolutely enjoyed ourselves. Glenn & Marcy, owners of the park, are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Glenn was a great guy and has a really nice truck he's been working on. Marcy runs the desk and store and is a pleasure to see 1st thing in the morning. They have coffee, excellent DSL in the office (great Sat TV too) and WiFi which will extend right into the game room. My 7yr old loved the playground and gameroom too. The laundry was clean and did a good job washing the clothes. What we really liked about the site is that you're way off the main road as the sites are set back and up the hill. This gives you a great view of the valley and a nice quite evening. Glenn is up at the crack of dawn making sure your stay with them is a fantastic one. Then he's off in the kitchen to cook Marcy's breakfast. Now how great is that? The restrooms are super clean (could eat off the floor) and the showers were strong, hot and soft. Couldn't wait to get back to take a shower each day. We enjoyed our stay and Glenn & Marcy so much that I would have loved to buy the place next to them because they would be wonderful neighbors. We highly recommend staying here and we know your memories will be a good one.