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Really, really nice people. Clean and pleasant.

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The owners are apparently insane. Our family and some friends of ours decided to go for the weekend to Virginia City to see a play. Both of our families have children. After pulling up to the "Office" and being rudely treated by some angry passive-aggressive woman (one of the owners?) who made it clear she did not want us there, we received our THREE PAGE list of rules and restrictions (that should have been our first clue), on what we could and could not do at this little piece of RV heaven. Skeptically, yet still hopefully optimistic, we pulled into our treeless, dust-bowl of a campsite. No sooner had we opened the doors to let the children and the dogs out, he (The Owner) came barreling out of his cabin and bellowed at us from his front porch. "Get your damn dogs on a leash NOW!!@ZXX. Regardless to say, our optimism immediately evaporated and we tossed everyone back into the cars and drove back to the entrance where the office was to collect our money. My husband went in and moments later I hear the Owner screaming and swearing at my husband, saying he was going to call the sheriff. My husband kept saying "Fine, we'll leave, but I want my money back." It went on from there and when The Owner came around from the back of the counter, everyone feared that he was going to attack my husband. It was absolutely crazy. Long story short, don't stay there.


Dillon KOA

Dillon, Montana

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Fabulous and great fun for the children. Super sweet people working there. A pool for the kids! I would definitely stay there again!