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I stayed here a few times and will never return. The camp host is no host at all and his wife is equally as unpleasant. The campsite is tight and not a lot of room for error. We were RV'ing with two other couples and enjoying ourselves until the evening of the first night. A neighboring camper drove in and because of the tightness had to do some extra maneuvering to back his 5th wheel into the site. The camp host considered it our fault that this guy didn't have straight shot into his campsite. I suppose he wanted us to move the picnic tables to park our tow vehicles there. Now mind you, we moved our vehicles when the neighbor arrived to try to give them more room. We had to move in front of someone else's campsite temporarily. Anyway, the camp host and his "lovely" wife felt it was our fault that this guy had to maneuver into his spot. He and his wife began yelling and cussing at all of us. The host even pushed one of the men in my group. We demanded that the owner be called. The host's wife called the local law enforcement instead which was fine, we had nothing to fear. After all it was the host that did the assaulting. So the cop showed up and made excuses for the host - "he's stressed." etc. We demanded the cop call the owner which he did. The owner arrived, apologized and was even told by another camper that the host did push our friend. BTW, this camper told the cop too. The owner promised that he would be there the next day to "make things right." Guess what, the owner was a no show the rest of the weekend but it was obvious he told the host and his wife to leave us alone. We are very disappointed in this campground. The owner had the opportunity to do the right thing which would have prevented the post but declined to do what he promised to do. Again, this was not our first time at this campsite and other friends of ours have had bad experiences with the host. Quite frankly, the host has no business being a camp host considering his disposition. It's obvious that there is a clique at this campground for regulars and if you're not a regular good luck to you. Who knows what sort of mood the host will be in during your stay.

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This campground is nice with plenty of activities and amenities. However the sites are small and there was an issue with the sewer while we were there. It backed up into our yard and then the rest of the weekend was spent with maintenance digging in front of our RV to fix the problem. Fortunately we RV with others and used their yards the whole weekend. This won't stop us from returning though. It really was a nice, fun campground.

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This was a nice campground. We stayed here and visited Monticello. There was an ice cream social on Saturday. The setting was nice and quiet.