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Lubbock KOA

Lubbock, Texas

Date of Stay:

Clean cabin. People were kind and friendly. Office was bright and efficient. Overall very happy, would definitely stay again.


Benson KOA

Benson, Arizona

Date of Stay:

Surprisingly found a small fridge in cabin. Many homey delights in cabin. Owners were kind. Showers were clean. Laundry was available and clean. Small TV to watch was in laundry room. Wonderful stay would definitely stay there again if through their way.

Date of Stay:

In such a large city, this KOA is wonderfully tucked away safely behind iron gates and natural embankments. The staff was kind and helpful. Wonderful place to call home while on vacation.

Date of Stay:

The manager was very rude, arrogant, accusatory and had me in tears. As a health care provider (RN) for 21 years in the Dallas Fort Worth health care system, I recognized that this man was very unprofessional and demeaning. I was shocked. I will not return, nor will my niece who witnessed his unprofessionalism. Just to share to 'beware'. His staff was reluctant to disagree with anything he said. You could tell they were afraid to disagree.