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Southport Park

Kissimmee, Florida

Date of Stay:

We stayed at this park for one week in lot number 37 which is a lake-front full-hookup lot. All spots had vertical cement fixtures which contained older electrical hookup panels and water spigots, with sewer hookups mounted in the ground nearby. About 2/3 of the spots were vacant and the remainder were filled with seasonal trailers that appeared to be in storage and rarely used. We only saw 3 other active campers during our stay so it was very private. The best part was the beautiful natural setting. Every spot had lots of mature shade trees with Spanish moss hanging from the branches. Wildlife was visible everywhere including cranes, herons, eagles, hawks, squirrels, turkeys, frogs, and many other critters. Several families of heron visited our site each day often walking right up to us and waiting around for a handout, and making a pleasant sound in the morning to wake us up gently. We loved being in a remote wilderness location but only 10 minutes away from main stores and 25 minutes away from major attractions. We would have given this park a 10 but there was a slight noise problem caused by the airboat tours which are launched daily from the small parking lot which doubles as a tiny lake marina. The boat tours are popular on the weekends so you hear the boats leaving every 30 minutes from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, and then by appointment from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. The boats are pretty loud but further away, so they sound about the same as a lawn tractor cutting the grass next door. The noise is still audible with the windows closed and the AC on but it wasn't too bad and we got used to it after the first day. Thankfully the boat tours were less popular during the week so we did have some quiet peaceful time as well. The laundry room is older but clean and functional with each load costing $1.00 and they keep it locked when the office is closed so you have to finish laundry by 5:30 pm each day. The restroom building looked newer and well lit but we never used it. We enjoyed this park enough that we will return again some day. The boat noise is a drawback but it still beats the noise of crowded parks and lots of kids and traffic at all hours of the night which is a problem at many other parks in this area.

Date of Stay:

This park was very clean. Easy pull-through spaces located right up front near the entrance and main office made it a great place to stay for an overnight while on a longer trip. We stopped here twice in two weeks and the park was always busy with at least half of the spots taken but it was always very quiet and enjoyable. The office was not open when we checked in but they have a self-checkout process where you can pay by slipping a registration envelope through the door with your payment inside. We used the laundry room during our second visit and it was very clean and well lit with a price of $1.50 for each load. There were numerous spots open near the lake and playground areas but we only stayed one night for each visit so we took the spots closest to the entrance and were pleased to see how quiet and peaceful they were. All other campers were friendly and there are a few restaurants and gas stations within 5 minutes of this park so it is a favorite spot for our trips through Georgia.

Date of Stay:

This is a relatively small campground which is just a mile off the exit from I-59. We had planned to stay at Monte Sano State Park but it was full so we ended up coming here instead. At first we expected to be disappointed and only stay one night until Monte Sano opened up. After arriving at this nice campground, however, we were quite pleased so we chose to stay here for the entire trip. You can hear the highway traffic just slightly in the background if you listen for it but it is not loud enough to suppress the crickets and other sounds of nature. It is a fairly new facility with few trees and mostly pull-through spaces which made it much easier to park and setup. The spots are pretty close together but this wasn't a problem since it was only 30-50% occupied at any given time. Some of the units were there purely for storage or seasonal visits so it was actually pretty quiet with very little traffic. We had 3-4 spots open on either side of us and it was quite peaceful. Nice view of the trees and hills and big blue sky behind the facility. The only activity we noticed were a few other campers walking their dogs but all were quiet and well behaved. The owners were super nice, very polite and helpful when we had questions, even came over to help us fix our awning and tell us about some nice local attractions. We now plan to go back to this location again whenever we are in the area.