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Smith Lake Park

Cullman, Alabama

Date of Stay:

Good park for a weekend getaway. It has a very nice pool. There is a lot of space for the kids to play. The campsites we were in were Very close together. If the adjacent site to mine were occupied I wouldn't have room to extend my awning without hitting the back of their RV. If they had a slide out, I probably wouldn't be able to get out the door. It's a shame they were so cramped, they have lots of space available but chose to cram to campsites into very small areas. Office personnel were extremely nice. There is no cable TV and we were only able to get a signal for 1 over-the-air TV station event though we have a antenna booster. They have WIFI access, but it wasn't working when we stayed there.

Date of Stay:

Yes, I went to this park. I have been there multiple times in the winter when the population is lower. This park is part of a city owned complex and has a large population of permanent residents especially during the warm months. The park is clean and well kept. I haven't used the bath houses and can't speak for them. The laundry was nice. It is centrally located to the city of Decatur but isolated enough so that you don't feel like you are in the busy city. During the warm months this is largely a trailer park rather than a campground in that they don't accept reservations and are consistently full. It's obvious there are vast amounts of long-term residents. I found the office staff to be unconcerned about visitor parking needs and demonstrated a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. While I wouldn't mind staying at the park again, I can't afford to drive my 35' MH there without reservations on the remote chance of getting a spot. I find their attitude unfriendly toward out of town visitors and more accommodating to locals who just need a place to store their RV. I would not recommend any out of town tourists planning on staying there.

Date of Stay:

Fantastic RV park. A little busy for letting kids ride around on their bikes, but there is plenty for the kids to do. It's very clean, easy to get to, and centrally located next to the major attractions. They pretty much have everything you could ask for in a RV park.