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Don't bother, it is very dirty.

Date of Stay:

Great, we came in on Dec 24, 2008, and they could not have been nicer.



Inland Harbor RV Park

Darien, Georgia

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Well it was okay until we came home after being out for the day. We had tried to book in for the second day, but the office was closed, so we thought we would do it when we returned. Our rig was there along with our friend's motor home. When we returned, the sign on the door still said closed. We went to our site, backed in, and before we could get out of the truck along with our friends, the man that had parked us and taken our money the day before was at our truck and without warning informed us that we had to pay up or hook up. We told him that the office had been closed and still was. He did not care. It was hook up or pay up, and very very rude about it. So my husband and friend went to the office where a lady asked how was your stay. My husband said fine till we were met at our site. She told him how sorry she was. He paid for the night hooked up and both rigs left today. So we will never be back again, and hope that other people stay away. We were treated very rude. He had no reason to talk to us that way, when his office was closed. So i give this park a very very bad rating as far as being nice to people. Too bad as we are doing a review for people to come down to parks.