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This park IS NOT for over nights, it is for long term retirees. They have a ton of amenities, none of which an over night uses. I bet my retired Mom would LOVE this place. We are 36 and 44 and for the last 14 years, have traveled full time in an RV. We have camped in campgrounds almost every single night for the last 5110 nights. After our stay, we deemed it "the Stepford RV Resort," which is accurate for everything we experienced except for the smiling, seemingly friendly faces, of which there were none. There are A LOT of rules. They actually gave us name tags and REQUIRED that we were them anytime we left our RV. I'm talking, walk to the trash, better put your name tag on. They also have a sheet they give you that explain "visitation times for children (let's remember these CHILDREN of retirees would be my adults in their 30's and 40's)." There are strict rules for that too, like 14 days allowed to visit from May-Oct. Seriously. When you first arrive, the guard tells you to "pull to the stop sign, stop and turn off your engine and wait for your escort to your site. DO NOT go into the office. You go pay AFTER you get parked." We waited in our RV for 10 minutes for that escort, all the while looking at the office we were not allowed to go into. Once the escort arrived, he led us to our $50/night site. First off, I would NEVER pay that, but the Gem Show was in town and everyone else was booked up. They led us around a tight corner and in my 35 foot rig, they had us in the second site, which we almost did not make it into. The sites are gravel and 100 foot long, however, they have 3 inch tall concrete "sidewalk patios" on each site, and the sites are about 22 feet wide, with tight turns. Terrible. So, we curbed in coming in and curbed it going out. I thought the exit curb was going to pop our tire. When we unhooked and were permitted to enter the office, the staff was not even kind of friendly. They were too busy, and you got the feeling it must be a terrible place to work because they rushed through everything, never looked you in the eye, never smiled and clearly had better things to do than deal with you, so pay and get out. I went there twice in two days and got the same feeling. The manager even saw my face once when I was there and instead of making it better for me, she just made a face that told me SHE was probably the reason they all were permitted to have this attitude. They have a ton of stuff to do if you live here, or are wintering here. You wouldn't even have to leave. However, this is not an overnight place and it's a complete rip off for people who are clearly not using any amenities. After we paid, we were given a yellow canvas bag filled with all their brochures, activities, maps, a deck of cards, a dry erase board, our name tags with safety pinned plastic enclosures and all kinds of other stuff. My thought? If you keep all this stuff, can I get $15 back on my rent? The sites are too narrow, the staff stinks, the rates are insane and all the rules and restrictions gave me the creeps. No thanks. I've stayed in hundreds of campgrounds and reviewed 2 so that people know what they are getting into and can make an educated decision.

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This is a pretty park. That's the end of the nice things I can say about it. We stayed here for two nights, and from the three office workers, to the Manager of the park, I never met a nice person who worked here. I called from the campsight on night one to ask if any pizza places delivered to the park, and the lady in the office said, "Sure, lots, but I don't have time to tell you which ones," and hung up. The next day, my fiance walked up to the office to let them know we'd stay another night, and pay them. The lady said, "What's your site number?" He replied, "Oooo, I don't remember, I think 64? It's under (and said our last name)." She shortly replied, "Gotta have it!" Turned her back and walked away from him. He walked all the way back to verify that it was indeed 64. Then we talked to the Manager about the next time we returned, maybe reserving a monthly spot and he (also rudely) told us, "We don't reserve sites. If a monthly opens up, I'll call the first person on the list and if you're not here that day, you lose the site!" There were many instances in those two days where I was furious that this was a KOA! After that, we moved to the monthly part, as the previous poster said the "overflow campground across the street." This was not an overflow campground. The fact that they all refer to it as the "Trailer Park" should have told me something. It is literally smaller than a football field, all concrete, like a parking lot, and if you have a slide out, or are longer than 35 foot, forget it. These trailers are truly white trash, and you have to lock up what you own at all times. The whole place smells of horse crap from the Fairplex next door, and there are about 50 cats that roam the "lot" so everything smells like cat pee. I called the KOA to check to see if one of those ever elusive monthly spots had come available. I mentioned that I was in town with the Renaissance Festival, and the office lady (same chick from before), told me that there were no monthly, weekly, or even overnight sites available at any time for me and "my kind." She said they'd had some problem with some Renaissnace Festival people, and that according to her Manager, we were no longer welcome here. Now, I'd already stayed here, as I told her again, but she said, "Sorry, you'll have to take that up with him." I did. He said he wasn't discriminating, or turning people away, he was simply referring them across the street where the "other class" was and that "my kind" were welcome over there. After a 15 minute conversation about my 2 year old fifth wheel, my two year old $40,000 Diesel Dually, my annual income, and then finally the words "discrimination" and "lawyer" he said, "And when will you be in?" I own a customer service business, and this is not the way to do customer service. I have a call in to KOA to let them know of the horrible use of their name. Do not stay here if you like being treated like a human being.