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Agua Vista, Elephant Butte, New Mexico

Date of Stay: November, 2009 - $20.00
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You should be as impressed with Auga Vista RV Park as I was. If you are seeking a nice, quiet, family-run and oriented park that sits away from the usual hustle-bustle tourist trap style of RV park. I love it here. Really though, the park's best feature & attraction for me is actually the family that owns & operates it, as they are absolutely the friendliest, most kind and generous people I have ever met. You cannot ask for and will not find anyone as pleasant and open. Now that is how a park is supposed to be operated! Far as the park itself, it does have the amenities other parks have and then some. Yes, it does have showers (not sure why the other reviewers never saw them), and they are the nicest, largest and cleanest showers I've ever seen in an RV park. Great view of the lake, a spacious clubhouse with numerous satellite cable TV channels, plus wireless internet, though it is satellite also, and users must abide by the 'sharing the bandwidth' rules. Simply means that you shouldn't be uploading & downloading large files etc. Then there's the new large L-shaped swimming pool, something it seems none of the other parks has to my knowledge, but wait!! I've saved the best for last...the quiet tranquility of the night time! No glaring parking lot lights here, so all the splendor of the stars & skies is on display after dark. Comets galore, along with the coyote howls and no highway/traffic noise combine to make a great night's rest possible at last! As you can see, I was very impressed and highly recommend you visit Agua Vista RV Park when in the T or C/Elephant Butte area. And no, in case you are wondering, I am not a park employee or relative, just a suitably impressed and somewhat weary traveler who has seen far too many parks that are polar opposites of this park! Happy Trails! We camped at Agua Vista in a Travel Trailer.