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Actually camped there in 2008, but that date wasn't an option. We would like to echo all the good things previously stated about this park. For military history buffs, the 12th Armored Division museum is in Abilene. Also, the ruins of WWII Camp Barkeley are very close to the park. Just off Hwy 277.


River N Lakes

Aubrey, Texas

Date of Stay:

We actually didn't stay here. The office is a run-down mobile home. The "manager" was next door in another mobile home. When he appeared, he wore no shoes, his socks were falling down around his ankles. He had a scraggly beard, was dirty and not presentable and appeared to be disoriented. He was scary. He said the sites were not for overnight stay, but weekly or monthly. He preferred monthly guests and the rate was $385. The entrance was poorly marked ( a small hand painted sign nailed to a telephone pole ). The pool was drained and there was some brush and trash in it. The interior roads are gravel and from what I could see in very poor condition. At most campgrounds/RV parks, you can safely sit around a campfire with other campers. I would be very reluctant to invite those I saw from the entrance to my campfire. Their website says, among other things, to "stay" in your RV. I had difficulty understanding this until I saw the place. I think it means that you're only safe if you stay inside with the doors locked.