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Rock Canyon RV Park, Livingston, Montana

Date of Stay: August, 2008 - $35.00
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I’m not one to waste my time posting negative reviews online, but I must in this case: DO NOT STAY HERE. The father and son who run this RV park also live there. The son is the kind of a man that you could use as a blueprint to build an idiot and whose actions are the reason for this review. My family from another state visited me last summer and stayed at this park for 1 month. Each time I visited them the son would get in my face about where I was parking. That was annoying enough, but when he got in my relatives' face after he complained about the vicious doberman or pit bull or rottweiler (it was some kind of attack dog) with the people in the RV parked next to him the line was crossed. The dog was chained up but barked and lunged and tried to bite my relative and the child with him as they walked by on the way to the bathrooms. Naturally, my relative alerted the dogs’ owners to this serious problem. A short time later the son banged on my relatives’ RV door then proceeded to get unnecessarily nasty with my relative, accusing him of taking away business because the people traveling with the dog left before their reservation expired. They supposedly left because of my relatives’ complaint about their dog. Of course my relative was stunned that the son could be so stupid and reckless as to think making a buck was more important than guest safety and comfort ability. Nonetheless, he offered to pay the son for the lost reservation, which was one nights’ stay. Instead of accepting my relatives’ monetary offer and moving on, the son chose to refuse the money, and continued on verbally berating my relative. And all this after my relative helped this guy haul several heavy tree limbs and clean up debris after a bad storm damaged the RV park due to high winds. I don’t know what else to say but: steer clear of this place. Thanks for listening. We camped at Rock Canyon RV Park in a Motorhome.


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