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These people are the nicest people on the planet. They have made us feel so welcome. Compared to our recent stay in Cut N Shoot where the owner was abusive and mean, these people make us feel like family. They have everything here including a small gym and right on the lake. All of the patrons are friendly which is obviously a reflection of the owner's treatment of everyone. I highly recommend this place - it's beautiful, right on the lake, and so comfy!



Country Place RV Park

Conroe, Texas

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While the property is beautiful and immaculately kept, this place is akin to an abusive household where the external appearance and aesthetics are more important than the way people treat each other. The man who owns this place screams and rages at every patron (stories told by every single person in the park) as well as people who have stayed there, in the community (including police officers referring to him as a "jerk" and to stay away from him), and my husband and I both were also the subject of one of his rants. He screamed at me calling me a moron twice, cursing the G.D. word and telling me to "zip it" and shut up - all in full view of other park residents who later told me this was nothing new. He is so concerned with getting high ratings that he is abusive and I was truly afraid this man was going to hit me since he was so out of control with the veins popping out of his neck! Do not stay here if you like to be comfortable and around people who are friendly and professional! No one is immune no matter how friendly you are to them!

Date of Stay:

Nice place but the owners were somewhat rude. It was one of my first RV park experiences and was concerned this would be the way they all were. Have been comfortably surprised that this is the exception and not the rule. It seems those who are most concerned with the aesthetic value of their parks, forget that if you treat people with as much importance, they'll forgive a bit of the aesthetic shortcomings. But treat them poorly and they remember for a very long time!