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I am submitting this review early, since I am still at this campground. The grounds are nicely set up being a new park with a great pool with a peaceful setting.The owners, whom I have met, seem like wonderful people. However, their campground worker is a headache and a nuisance. This place would be a 10 without her. I have been here 2 weeks out of the month I have paid for, and have been "harassed" by her twice.I have been told twice that we drive too fast in the park, (which of course is a stretch; I drive maybe 10mph at best and usually arrive late at night when no one is up). I went today to buy firewood and again she stated I drive too fast. #1, We haven't gone anywhere today and #2, I asked her when she saw me drive too fast and it became a "well, so-n-so said a while back " sort of thing. We keep to ourselves and are far from the other campers. I am beginning to think this particular camp worker has some issue with us which we do not understand. Also when we arrived here , our reservations were messed up. The site we had reservations on had someone else on it and it was misbooked for a month later. I paid in advance for 1 day to secure the reservation with my rewards card; however, they told me I could not use my KOA rewards card for a monthly site. We ended up compromising on a site with the owners which suited me fine. Again, the owners are great people and have put a lot of hard work into the park. I believe they should just seek different camp workers, and everything will be fine.

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First the positive. The grounds were clean, the campWORKERS were friendly and the pool was outstanding. It's close to shopping and the attractions. Now the negative. First, we initially wanted to stay for a month, but only stayed 9 days and here is why. 1. Don't get fooled by the pics you find on their website, especially the fishing pond pictures. (i.e. The man holding a stringer full of fish). The pond on the grounds is CATCH and RELEASE only! So that's a false one. 2. We paid in advance for a month at $684. The problem was the 30 foot utility pole, dead center in our site (stay away from #11). In order for me to extend the awning and not be in the drive way for others, I had no choice but to put it one way with the pole 3 feet from our door. 3. The noise from the trucks bleeding brakes was an all day and all night thing. It is a small problem, I know, but after awhile its gets old. 4. The entire 9 days I was here, the k-9 kamp had no poo bags so $684 and no poo bags. 5. After calling KOA headquarters and arguing with the manager which got ugly because she refused to at first, I was refunded some of my money. So $393 for 9 days stay, not worth it. (By the way, I was short changed 1 day, I paid one day in advance for the reservation and got stiffed for that money). In all fairness, this is still a decent park, just don't get bamboozled by the pics and it is way overpriced.

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I would like to start off with the positive. The grounds look great and a very peaceful atmosphere. They take care of trash almost immediately which I thought was wonderful. Nice pool and spa, and the lake view is great. The negative- Parking is absolutely a pain. when grounds are full, good luck trying to get into your OWN spot which you paid for. We were next to cabins and it was more times than none a problem, then to add insult to injury when the park is almost empty I had visitors park near me in empty lots and get tagged with a windshield flyer. Even I was tagged one time for not having my pass in view, and I have been here over a month! My visitor had her foot bandaged up from a recent surgery and her car got a flyer, she cannot walk the 120 feet from the visitor parking. Yet I have to knock on doors when the place is full so I can park in MY spot? Park maintenance seems dangerous, last week a Bobcat dulldozer was driven into the canal over the rotten wood docks. would I come back? I'm not sure, my guests didn't feel welcome when they had someone tag their car( she was parked less than 10 minutes). the laundry machines are overpriced for their size and who wants to buy a $3 20oz milk or $85 quilts from the lake whippoorwill office/store? the 12% tax eats up your KOA discount.