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Casey's Riverside RV Park, Westfir, Oregon

Date of Stay: June, 2005 - $29.00
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Another family and I just returned home after spending some much needed "outdoor time" in Westfir, OR. It's my hometown, and a beautiful place to vacation. I couldn't wait to spend time near the crystal clear rivers, so to make reservations at the local RV park seemed like the perfect place to stay. I love that stretch of river, and they have a wonderful facility, so to pay the higher prices seemed fair enough. The campgrounds in the area don't have electric/water hookups. I was there more to visit family than to actually "camp", and RV parks are quite convenient. However, as beautiful and well maintained as it was, we immediately had problems. The 2 ladies working, who seemed nice enough over the phone, were incredibly rude in person. We were 2 RVs pulling in, so our friends pulled in ahead of us. The lady in the office assumed that he had went straight to his site (he didn't) and literally lectured him on how he really should stop in the office first. He did, she just hadn't seen him pull in just before us. As the guys were setting up, my friend and I took a walk to the river. Knowing better than to cross through other peoples areas, we found a 30' section of grass to cut through. As soon as we got to the next road, a women on a golf cart hurried to us. Although we had tried to find a "polite" crossing, we didn't succeed - and once again were lectured. I am one to respect other people's space, and by all means don't want to be rude or inconsiderate. I was unaware that the section of grass was considered part of a space, a resident no less, who hates to have people walk through "her" area. Okay, enough said. We made a note of it, and assured the attendant that it wouldn't happen again. Even so, she went on and on barking at us. There was one more incident that evening, and I won't bore you with the details. However, I am a mellow, patient person - and by the time all was said and done I was very frustrated and angry at the management. My friend was brought to tears by the harassment of them, all over a simple misunderstanding that could have been easily resolved. Needless to say, we were all in agreement that we would not stay the length of time as originally planned. The RV Park was nice enough to refund our entire stay without any fees - but only because she couldn't figure out how to take 2 of the 3 nights off the original price. I think she wanted us out just as quickly as we wanted out. After that, we found the most beautiful campground any of us have ever stayed at - and it turned out to be a wonderful weekend. Plus, we only ended up paying $12/night instead of the $30/night - so we even had extra spending cash for the great shops & restaurants in the area. Casey's Riverside RV is a beautiful place, but the customer service needs much improvement. Yes, there needs to be rules in a place like that. As a migraine sufferer, I appreciate being somewhere where the rules are enforced. However, the approach and method here was very unprofessional and disappointing. A great place to stay if you want to hibernate in your trailer the entire time - but if you step out your door, beware! Other cons: Only 2 bbq pits in entire park. Hard to get riverside space since they reserve them for those that require a pull through spot. Additional charges for children. We camped at Casey's Riverside RV Park in a Travel Trailer.


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