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My husband worked in the area for 3 months, so we were parked here for 3 months. The restaurant is good but only has one employee and she is very over-worked. The owners have another business which is their "primary" business and it is a construction company. In the summer time there is 1 person working at the park and he is the owner's son. Lots of times he is not here at all. In the winter months he works for the construction company and no one is at the park. Campers come in and leave and they usually can't find a person to pay. The gal in the restaurant has to handle the campers when she is here. The park is run down but in a good location with lots of shade. The pool is a mess and no way would I swim in it. The water is well water which is not treated properly. Smelled like strong sulpher on most days. The laundry has 4 washers, 2 of which are sitting with brown water in them. One was broken 3 months ago and things are growing in the washer water. Maybe for an overnighter this park would be okay (if they could find someone to pay: no instructions on the door either for after hours). However, for the longer-term person, it's pretty sad. They had a land-line for internet but took it away when they moved the construction company into that building, so there is no internet hook up at all. The town of Danville has several sites for Wi-Fi though. If you are in a big rig, be very, very careful as several trees need to be cut in order to accommodate you. Pull throughs are difficult to get into and out of.

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The trees, concrete slabs, and grass are nice. Not a bad place for overnighters. However, we have been here for nearly two months and have been stolen from twice now. The first time about a month ago. A $3,000 piece of equipment was taken from under our 5th wheel. It was in a black case and looked like nothing special. That same night five bicycles were stolen from within the park. A few weeks later more bikes were stolen. Three nights ago our truck was broken into and a $50 inverter was taken. That same night our neighbor, three sites down had his truck broken into also. We thought our truck was locked and our neighbor said he knew for a fact his was locked. The thieves evidentally have a tool of some sort to get in. This park has a tall fence all the way around it, but on the back side of the fence there are 2x4s running lengthwise and the theives are climbing over the fence and then going out the front gate. Some campers have actually seen this happen. The owner just shrugs his shoulders and says to call 911! He doesn't seem to care at all. On two sides of the park are very, very bad neighborhoods. We drove through them looking for the equipment that was stolen and they looked like drug havens. I suggested that he put wire on the top of the fence. He said he would not do that. The sheriff has asked him repeatedly to warn his campers. There have been muggings when campers have walked outside of the park. I'm really tired of the stealing and am so ready to go someplace else. Also, the owner took our satellite dish down and brought it to us because he didn't want anything at all on his grass. We had permission to put it up from the manager but the owner didn't care about that either. There is cable here but it is not very good. It comes and goes. One night we lost it for hours. The monthly rate here is $360 plus electric plus a $50 electric deposit.