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Stateline Campresort & Cabins, East Killingly, Connecticut

Date of Stay: May, 2009 - $90.00
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I wanted to spare people from the worst campground ever. It is on the Rhode Island/Connecticut line in East Killingly, CT called Stateline Camp Resort. It was by far the worst campground I have ever been to. First off, the person on the phone is obviously a good Bullsh*ter and tells everyone the same thing. Your site is beautiful. It's a huge site that is wooded. BS. All the sites were horrible. Maybe a handful were half decent. They were all cramped together and there were monster RV's everywhere. The campground nickle and dimes you on everything. Not only that, but they were able to burn us by charging us twice for a site. We had two families which included a pop up camper and a large tent. They supposedly were going to accommodate us by putting us on a "huge" site but would have to charge us twice because the site was big and we had two families. BS again. The site was no larger than any others they just saw money to be made. So in the end this one regular site ended up costing us over $250 for the memorial day weekend. Everything at this campground cost money and I'm surprised they didn't charge you a dime per sheet of toilet paper. Oh, by the way. Don't bring your own wood cause they want to sell you their wood at ridiculous prices. The check in process was horrible. We sat for 25 minutes after driving 2 hours to the campground. Some, but not all of the staff was very rude. In particular was an older gentleman with grey hair in a pony tail. He was actually confrontational with us and other campers. Had I not been with my family and children he would have been on the receiving end of my foot. Camp fires: This place actually puts out your fire at 12 midnight with water. I understand that you want to keep the noise level down at night. But when people are hanging around a fire making no noise and you put their fires out is complete BS. Activities: Yes, this place had a bunch of activities planned. But once again, everything cost a ton of money. Any activity that didn't cost money was put together poorly and cheaply. Facilities: Not up to par. The bathrooms were in very poor shape. The showers actually had black mold on the shower curtains and on some of the wood. I can also say that most of the other campers were very rude and unfriendly. I can completely understand this however because they were probably just as disappointed as the rest of us. Probably totally frustrated at the fact that we gave this place our money. Just a note: we do a lot of camping and have been to dozens and dozens of campgrounds. We know what to expect and what not to expect so please take this dis recommendation with that in mind. I hope this helps someone out there from making the worst mistake of their camping season. We camped at Stateline Campresort & Cabins in a Motorhome.


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