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Excellent secluded sites. Back-in only. Loved the Ice Cream man, the firewood delivery service, the Candy Bar Bingo!! Front Office staff is it or miss on what they know and don't know. Beware the $3.50 per child extra charge. During my stay the water in the entire campground went out for 2 hrs.(?) Sites are a bit small but separated well by trees. Back sites abut a trail head for nature walks. All in all great family campground



Lake John Resort

Walden, Colorado

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Calling this a resort is a joke! It is terraced on a hillside of rocks and dirt/clay. The sites are weed ridden, the clay sticks to your shoes in 1/2" thick clumps. The views are beautiful but that is the only attribute this campground has. First, showers are not included in the $30/ nightly rate. Oh no, that will be $5 extra! If the proprietor is using this money for upkeep and maintenance, he owes me $4.50!! The bathrooms are small, single units and smelly. The shower stalls are musty and filthy. The kicker, you better not need to use the restroom before 8am. That is when the "store" opens and that is when you can get a key. No Joke! Oh and he closes (locks up) at 9pm. Late night potty break? I don't think so!! I implore you, stay away from this campground!!!! Better to boon dock it along the lake shore if you are so equipped. That is free or maybe $5/ night.