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I was going to stay at Bay RV Park and leave my trailer there for the weekends, but I was so displeased with the appearance of the managers there. I found this great RV park with wonderful amenities and decided to stay. Green Caye is wonderful clean, people are nice, the bathrooms are great with tubs to sit, soak and relax. They have a golf course, laundry room, video store, store, WiFi. I think everyone should stay here at least once.


Bay RV Park

San Leon, Texas

Date of Stay:

I went to see Bay Rv Park its ok. The discoragging part was when I walked into the office and the man behind the desk looked unshaven, wearing dirty grey shorts with a holey t shirt.I thought he was the gardner. The wife, I did not know if she was wearing underwear or shorts. The assistant manager was very nice and was the only one presentable to be in the office. I was going to leave my rv there, to use on the weekends, but just that turned me off.