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This is a beautiful CG with wildlife all around. The deer seemed to be fairly tame as they wandered about at dusk w/o a seemingly care in the world. I don't agree with the 10's others give for the following reasons. We arrived on a Thursday afternoon and virtually all of the 380+ site were taken already. We had a choice of a handful of electric only (30 amp) sites from which to choose or a couple dozen sites with NO hookups. We ended up with site 222 on the Persimmon Loop (30 amp). This turned out to be a great site with shade for most of the day. It was on the outer edge of the loop so we had an open field behind us where the deer, chipminks and turtles roamed. It was 2 sites away from the edge of the water which made it convenient to go fishing. We fished from the bank and caught something on every cast, either a small bluegill or a big clump of weeds. We came across two snakes. One was dead along the main road thru the CG and one was in the water where I was fishing and determined to come ashore despite my protests. Needless to say, I don't like snakes and left immediately when I saw his determination. As for the showers, they were slow to drain and you would be standing in several inches of water trying to get clean. This is a YUK factor for me of the highest magnitude when you consider the number of folks you have been in there prior to you.



Buchanan Resort

Springville, Tennessee

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The website for this place shows a truly beautiful resort. What we were shown upon arrival was a entirely different experience. It seems that all of the prime sites shown in the website photos are taken by seasonals more or less. What we were shown was about as appealling as camping in the middle of a flea market at some roadside gravel pull-off. Narrow sites with dilapidated picnic tables and campers that would need a crane to move them. We couldn't believe what we were seeing and couldn't get out fast enough.

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Sorry, but this CG was not what I envision when I think of State Parks. All of the sites were out in the open with lttle to no shade and cut into a hillside. While Natchez Trace is a very scenic park, the ambiance of this CG felt very out of place. I don't think this was a well, thought-out design. Needless to say, we drove thru the entire CG and just kept on going when we got back to the exit.