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This is a really nice campground. My family and I remember when the original owner owned it, and thought it would go downhill when they sold it to the corporation, but surprisingly it really didn't. We stayed here recently for 4th of July and were very impressed. The scenery here is beautiful, and my family and I took a long drive on the many back roads around the campground to see the rolling hills. It's a quiet campground so don't expect to see some sort of wild night life party here; my wife and I like it because we could just sit out and hear nothing but nature and just relax in the peaceful area even on the holiday weekend! Most activities are geared toward the kids which is great because that gives my 2 year old something to do. They had a pool party with a DJ, a breakfast, a Chinese auction, and an outdoor band on Saturday night. The game room and store are small but quaint and the whole place seemed to have the warm and welcoming feeling. The only thing we didn't like is the long drive up the hill if you're not on the lower level, and the bathrooms can sometimes get a little dirty but they are clean by the next morning. The staff was friendly it seemed (helped us out with our AC), the pool was great, and there is a lot geared toward families. The place even has their own mini-newsletter! One thing we really liked is how the manager drives around several times during the night and will even tell people to lower their fires or quiet down if they get out of hand. A few fireworks went off but they were quickly silenced. We are really impressed on how this place didn't diminish even after it was bought out by a corporation. We will return and do recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice quiet, peaceful, and family geared get away.

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This used to be a really nice campground owned by a really nice elderly couple and family it seemed. We use to love coming here and couldn't wait to get out to camp. Then it got sold to a corporation and things went downhill...way downhill. We were shocked when we returned. We found out that the place has been through almost 7, yes 7, new managers and was closed down due to illegal dumping at some point. They also cut down all the trees around the sites behind the pool, a once nice and shaded area, now looks like a barren desert. The restaurant that was once a nice and ship shape place to eat was closed. When we had a problem hooking up, the staff really didn't care and sort of brushed us off, and we figured the problem out when they did arrive. We really didn't see the manager do much but drive around and have long chats with his staff or people walking around, and it just seemed the old spark that was once there was gone. My wife and I remember when the original owner would drive his bike around and work with his hands next to his staff or even drop everything to help you and just even drive by to see how your visit was. That's no more. It almost makes us feel really sad because my kids and basically family grew up here and loved coming here, but now the place has changed dramatically. The scenery is still there, but the new staff is not keeping up with the once great reputation this campground had.