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Newport Dunes Waterfront RV Resort, Newport Beach, California

Date of Stay: July, 2009 - $99.00
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I stayed at Newport Dunes in a beachfront pull-in site, for $207 per night. This is the largest RV Park that I have ever been to, at 123 acres. The problem is that they cram all the sites together into one area. It is like being at an Oakland Raider game. Loud and cramped with a lot of low-class trash staying in long-term sites. Out of six showers, only two had shower heads. The rest was just a pipe sticking out of the wall. Restrooms were filthy. The handicapped shower has no shower head, a clear violation of the Federal ADA laws. All showers were dirty. Nothing gets fixed unless someone complains first. I was here 4 years ago and it was much different. Obviously the management/ownership has changed. Our first night we had to call security 3 times because our next door neighbor was blaring rap music like it was a live band, even after 10pm quiet time. This went on until 11:30pm. We decided to go into the lagoon/bay swim area: they want $6 per hour per person. This park nickel and dimes you for everything. One of the employees from the boat rental next door drives an electric boat around the swim lagoon while kids are swimming everywhere. I don’t want my kids anywhere near a propeller operated by a teenager. Security drives their golf carts at full speed on the walkways within 5 feet of some RV sites. A child can pop out at any time and be hit. Basically there is no control. There are 10-year olds driving golf carts with no adult present right in front of security personnel. There were 15 people in-line at the office waiting for one of the snot-nosed teenagers to help them. I walked over to the events office and found a human over 20 that took my name and site number. I was checking to see if the garbage cans lining the beach could be emptied as they had been overflowing for 2 days. It took three day to get them emptied before that. This park survives because of location, location, location. The owners tried to develop it into condos but the city would not let them. Obviously, now it is all about slumlord care at Ritz prices. When you call: the phone recording calls it the Ritz of RV Parks. I would say Motel 6 is in better shape. We camped at Newport Dunes Waterfront RV Resort in a Motorhome.


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