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Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania

Date of Stay: July, 2009 - $44.00
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Website gives the impression of a high quality, warm and welcoming family campground resort, however, this impression only lasted until we arrived and were stuck here until we decided to cut our losses and end our vacation early without a refund. When we called I said I'd make the reservation for 5 days to start and asked if I would be able to extend for the weekend and they insisted that I reserve the entire week with the opportunity to reduce our stay back to 5 days. We fell for that and got ripped off as they conveniently forgot about that possibility! They also cast us off into the crappiest part of the campground: completely isolated and right off the main road, far from everything. The staff was not friendly, the bathrooms were downright disgusting and the water shut off for the showers every 10 seconds. It took forever to heat up to even luke warm. The long-term campers would not associate or even return a simple hello to anyone they did not recognize. This park is not close to Sesame Place or anything else and it is almost impossible to get any cell phone service at all. Their website claims there is a baby pool but there is no such thing. The activities are not exciting either. While most campstores are overpriced, this one monopolizes on the fact that there is not a decent grocery store for miles, several towns over. We had high expectations and chose this campground over our normal choice for a fun, family vacation and we were extremely disappointed. Their website is misleading. We camped at Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort in a Tent.


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