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We stay here on a regular basis and consider these folks our friends. This is a family park and very quiet and relaxing. It has paved pads all through the park, which makes it nice in the hot dry summer months. Not many parks have paved pads in California, and we like how neat and clean the park is. They work tirelessly cleaning and maintaining the park and everyone in the campground makes sure the campground is spotless. The restrooms are heated and comfortable even in the coldest months of the year. The campground gets a lot of rain in the winter months, but the paved pads make it clean and there is no muddy roads or paths that you have to worry about. One of the most important things that most everyone miss about this park, is that it is so quiet and relaxing here. The animals of the forest, the birds, the quail, the deer, racoons, and the ravens, turkey vultures all seem at ease in this wilderness park. It is between two hills along the Russian River, and at any time of the year you can open up all the windows to the RV and hear the sounds of silence around the park. Even the birds don't make many sounds. It is heavenly to get up on Saturday mornings and go have some of their wonderful pancakes on the patio and just absorb the beauty. It is near active geological faults and the nearby Geyserville hot springs have some of the most frequent earthquakes in the state of California. However, we have never felt any earthquakes here and we have been coming here for over 20 years. The campground is nestled up from the Russian river and surrounded on all sides by mountains. The small town of Cloverdale is only 3 miles away but because the campground is up in the mountains, it may as well be a hundred miles away. The cellphone service for T-mobile is moderate but reliable, and the internet service in the lodge is reliable and consistent. It is not high speed but gets the job done. They also have satellite television in the lodge and have 500 channels which is more than adequate. There is no over the air television because of the mountains, but for us, it is more rewarding and relaxing to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the every present quail scurrying around the preserve. We usually head to Healdsburg, 10 miles south for a nice lunch at Willie and Jose's Seafood bar or the Oakville grocery for a nice sandwich or picnic lunch when we want to get into town. All in all, this is the one of the best, most relaxing parks we have ever been to and the excellent Thousand Trail staff make each visit a comfortable and relaxing stay. They went above and beyond in every way to make our stay enjoyable. A 10 star rating for us!

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We have been coming to this park ever since it opened. For those who haven't been to this park before it is best to understand this is not your normal backwoods, plenty of room park. It is a relatively small park with excellent accommodations and drop dead gorgeous views of the pacific ocean from high up on a cliff. We have traveled up and down the coast for years and this is by the far the best view from your motorhome you can ever get. There are places that come close but none that you can actually sit in your motorhome and look at the view! Being a small park they planned as best they could to take advantage of the views for as many people as they could. That means that you won't be able to extend out your awning and you may be next to your neighbor in the park. But I can guarantee you, you will not find a more spectacular view anywhere. I think for some who come here they expect to experience a wilderness experience with no one else in the park. If everyone extended out their awnings and barbecues and slides there would be no one able to view the ocean. Besides in this park an awning is not necessary. This is not Las Vegas! This is San Francisco, high on an ocean bluff with the average temperature of 50 degrees and a sometimes strong wind you don't need an awning. One of the things that is unique to California and something that you cannot find anywhere else in the world is these high ocean bluffs and strong foggy winds. You can get rain in Oregon and Washington but the soothing, refreshing foggy winds in the summer are something to behold. If you have been to George's in San Diego and sit outside and have had lunch on the ocean bluff you know what I mean. Traveling the cliff of Northern California is both scary and exhilarating. This is the only place I have seen where you can actually park and enjoy this beauty. As an old timer to this park, I can provide you with a hint on its history. When it first opened it was much bigger, especially on the ocean bluffs. But the heavy rains and winds years back, washed away most of the cliffs and now the cliffs actually come right up to your rig. Also, they have a wonderful indoor hot tub in the center of the park that they closed for some reason and moved it outside. I miss that. For the most enjoyment of the park you can have a good time just taking a stroll up to the local markets and shop at the local store, have lunch at the local restaurants or have a wonderful sandwich at the local sandwich shop that we use get. Also, we like to head up to Ocean Beach and have lunch at the Park Chalet in Golden Gate Park. They have wonderful lunches there and if you like breakfast with a ocean view you can go to the Beach Chalet. They have fantastic coffee there and the breakfast is superb. They also have a brewery there and my favorite is the VFW ale which is a light ale. If you want you can try the sampler pack that has all there brews. It is good for first timers who haven't had their beer before. San Francisco is dog friendly so if you want to bring your dog with you I would go to the Park Chalet and sit out back and they will actually bring lunch out to your dog! It is fun to watch the families with their young children playing with their dogs and kids. Also, if you like clam chowder, you can't beat the Cliff House. We usually go to the Cliff House for Irish Coffees and clam chowder. You can go to the viewing area and just have drinks and clam chowder without having lunch if you want. The view is spectacular. If you like to hike I would recommend going up past Louie's dinner and park in the brand new parking lot adjacent to the Sutro Baths and park there. It is not good for large rigs but for our Tioga it is perfect and perfectly flat. You can walk on the old train tracks that have been paved all the way to the Golden Gate bridge if you like. The view is spectacular. The drive from the park to Ocean Beach is around 10 minutes. Although there are plenty of things to do around the park, probably the best thing to do is just lounger around the park. There is a path to the beach and yes, there are some boulders at the bottom, but unless you are severely handicapped you will have no problem getting down to the beach and have a leisurely stroll on an uncrowded beach. Or you can get out your deck chairs and watch the sunset. It is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable parks anywhere. But just remember what you are coming for. This is not your average park. Don't come to this park and expect wide open spaces, miles of forest and babbling brooks! This is not that place. This is the most scenic ocean view that you will find on Pacific coast! Enjoy it for what it is!

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This is one of the best parks that we always enjoy on our yearly trips to Las Vegas. We have stayed in all the campgrounds in Bakersfield and if there is one rule of campgrounds in Bakersfield is that they are all next to railroad tracks. You may not see them when you arrive but you will at 3am! This is restful, has wonderful amenities, is clean and spotless, is very inexpensive. They also have fantastic cable which for us was nice as we don't have satellite. They also have wireless thorough the park and it works quite well. Most importantly it is quiet and you can get a good nights sleep. We usual sleep with the windows open and it very restful. I would highly recommend this park for anyone staying in Bakersfield.