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Candlestick RV Park, San Francisco, California

Date of Stay: July, 2009 - $74.00
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This is as others described, a parking lot with painted lines between the sites. The sites are small, given that it is the only park in San Francisco where you will not have to drive for an hour and pay the bridge tolls. The 28-day rate is one of the cheapest in the bay area at $960. The staff were friendly and helpful. The bathrooms are well maintained, and if you use the shower closest to the door there is plenty of water pressure. We made reservations 6 months in advance to ensure that we would have a space for our awning and screen room, and the staff lived up to their promise that we would have the room. The neighborhood is an inner-city area, but my wife and I used the public transportation, walking to the bus stop one block away, and we never had a problem: just be aware of your surroundings. (We did have some items stolen from our vehicle at Treasure Island, a long way from the park). I would not suggest being on third street late at night. The Wi-Fi only works around the office and there is no cable TV, which is not a problem with a satellite dish. It would help if they added some access points through the park to give all sites Wi-Fi: would be a great benefit to the guests. The biggest complaint that we had are with the other people that were staying in the park. Many are using the tent area for a bathroom for their dogs, which is against the park policy. Who wants to put their tent down on top of dog urine. Other people were allowing their children to run through the park on skateboards and unsupervised just waiting for an accident, as well as disturbing other people's peace and quiet. This again is supposed to be against the park rules, but does not seem to be enforced. There was a group from France who were the most inconsiderate group, yelling and laughing right until the 11 p.m. quiet time. This was the only time we had an issue with the park staff. After the second night of listening to this, we asked the security guard if he would talk to them, this was at 10:30 at night, and he stated he would not until 11:00 p.m. When it is supposed to be quiet time. We would stay here again, especially if the rules start being enforced. We camped at Candlestick RV Park in a Motorhome.


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