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This is the first time we've been camping and have run into someone we know. That was fun. Owners were very helpful and friendly. Everyone followed quiet hours while we were there. Owner's cat was not friendly to our child, she was scratched on the hand, but the owner apologized and quickly dressed her wound. The sites are very close together, but we were fortunate to not have a neighbor on one side. We were also right next to the park which was great for our child, however the teens like to hang out there and they are way too old to be playing on the equipment. One boy was swinging way too high and hit my child in the head. He never stopped or asked if she was all right. Also whoever had the site before us did not clean up so I was picking up garbage and cigarette butts. The pool was nice, they also have a gem mine. We are going back in October, but probably won't go back after that, we like things a little calmer.



Berkshire Lake Campground

Galena, Ohio

Date of Stay:

We stayed here a total of 2 nights though not in a row. We stayed one night on the way to Lake Erie and then one night on the way back. I will not stay at this park again. I have never been to a campground who's quiet hours start at midnight. People where yelling and having golf cart races starting at 11 PM. Even though there is a nice fishing lake, a nice pool, a semi-nice mini golf, the entertainment choice is driving through the campground on a golf cart at high rates of speeds. Keep close eyes on your children. The owners were nice. The spaces too close together.