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Holiday Trav-L-Park

Ocala, Florida

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Would never stay here even if they paid me. Went in to check on the rates and conditions. The lady in the office let me go look around the park. The campground is not for over nighters. The roads are to narrow for any kind of a motorhome over 30 feet to get through. There are a lot of rundown rigs in here. I have seen better conditions in some mountainous regions of Appalachia. The pool was open, but did not appear to be cleaned to frequently. There is a big sign up in front of this place showing FOR SALE. Would never consider staying here.

Date of Stay:

Watch out for this campground. It has had three sets of managers in the last year. They are definitely having some issues. There are problems with the electricity all the away around the park. The pool is very clean, the bathrooms are clean and the laundry facilities are clean. There is a lot of work going on with respects to the way the park looks. The grass was cut neatly, and the shrubs have all been trimmed. It is very convenient to almost everything in Ocala. The interstate is very close by, with very little traffic noise. The workkampers are very friendly. They bend over backwards to help you out. Would really like to see this park make some major improvements with the electricity and the roads. If this was all accomplished, it would probably be able to hold up to the RESORT status.