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Very close together sites. They charged me almost $80 for two nights. I hope they will take that money and run down to Home Depot and but a good weed eater. Nuff said!


Pueblo KOA

Pueblo, Colorado

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It is a typical KOA. Not much for too much money. I had the misfortune to have to stay there for 27 days due to work requirements. It was a convenient location for me but the roads had deep ruts and bad flooding every time it rained a little bit. They would not give me a monthly rate so I paid just a little less than $1000 for my 27 days. That is the most I have ever paid for a really nice place in over 7 years of full timing. To top it off, they made me leave a day earlier than I wanted to because they had a reservation for my particular site. Hundreds of us insurance adjusters were in town helping people with their losses from a bad hail storm and they couldn't make a little change for me after spending nearly a thousand bucks!!! Typical KOA!!