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Wow. First time visitors here, and I must say, worst campground experience ever. We arrived this past Saturday with friends and our families, and were welcomed well enough at check-in. We inquired what was available for the children (ages 3 to 7) since the pools were closed, and was told the playground was open but the receptionist (whom I believe was the owner) said she didn't know about the Jumping Pillow and Miniature Golf since, "all the managers are away at a big KOA convention." Hmmmm. We were given tags for the campsites and we rolled in. Our sites were a disgrace. OLD leaves were drifted like snow everywhere. The fire pit was filled with trash and leaves, and the planters and general grass areas were overgrown and overrun with weeds. Never mind the fact sites were unlevel, and what spartan trees that were around were not trimmed correctly, so you know you're going to drag them across your roof and down the sides of your rig. Never mind all that, but they are jammed on top of each other. Enjoy dining to the site of your neighbors waste line hookup? And the smell. I doubt they emptied the septic either. As for the view, well let's say it conjured up images of the front yard of the house in Hitchcock's Psycho. Yeah, you know the one with all the overgrown grass, rotting piled up leaves and dilapidated structures? Except here, the dilapidated structures were the seasonal camper's RV's. Do they have ANY policies regarding neatness??? Doubt it! Shameful. We crossed the weedy plain to the playground. Utilitarian at best. The run off tracks from the rain water cascading down the hill to it had carved channels that were hazards for the kids. And here, as everywhere, the grass hadn't been cut, planters not trimmed or kept up, and old leaves piled 2' high at the fence around the playground. And "Whoopty Doo!" The Jumping Pillow was on. Did I tell you this place sits right next to route I-95? I can imagine that during the summer with your AC running its not much of a nuisance, but outdoors was a different story. THINK airport. Here's a good one for you. 3 spots down from us was this really crappy RV all hooked up. Seems the jokers in this one, were happy to have new neighbors so they cranked up the music, and kept making, "WHOOP!" sounds. The mess surrounding their RV suggested they were partying. The empty Natty Light 22's and 40's sort of gave it away. Well you know, whatever, right? Well then they came walking around. Two guys that looked like escaped convicts and some old hag with a nice fresh black eye. I kid you not. They made a comment to my friend, "Hey. You gots a lotta kids huh? Like 10 of 'em? Heh heh heh!" The old hag chimed in, "eh eh eh!" and the other guy just grunted. Nice bunch here. Honestly, it was the start of some movie. You know the one where the campers are slaughtered mercilessly in their sleep, type movie. Well I had enough and went to discuss the issues with the receptionist. Her response to the disgraceful shape of her campground; "Yeaaaah, we need to work on that." And when asked about her choice of guests was, "Well am I supposed to tell them No?" Yes! Tell them NO. She informed me that she was leaving at 5pm and nobody would be here until 9am, so if we needed anything to shop now. Oh: she left us the number to the Connecticut State Police. Just in case. All in all, there were about 5 normal RV'er groups. Some looked happy to see us, as if we were going to be more defense against the Hatfield family in the crappy RV. My friend suggested we stick it out, but we made a plan to get to another campground, "just in case." Would I stay here again? Heck, for another $20 bucks I can stay at a Motel 6, and I know they take care of their facility, and would in a moment deny accommodations to anybody who looked as remotely bad as that group did. So ABSOLUTELY NOT. My intelligence as a consumer was insulted so bad that I absolutely had to put pen to paper on this one and warn you all, to avoid this campground like the plague. And for those of you who do go, all I can say is: "good luck."

Date of Stay:

Overall this is a 'rustic' campground. I rate it a "5" in that the amenities are definitely dated, and in some circumstances, in need of repair. But I would re-visit as the kids were immune to the shortcomings that an adult would take notice of. We were able to navigate our 37' Class A well enough along the dirt roads, and getting into the site we were assigned was easy enough; but we were not informed that our site sat on the back edge of private property on which a very feisty rooster resided. Obviously 4:30 am comes early. I think he got drunk and got lost in the park on the second night because he hooted and hollered continuously from 4:30 to 7. Dinner was good that evening: a little gamey tasting if you know what I mean. The pool area left a bit to be desired as the pool house is a bit dilapidated. Bathrooms were old and suffered from it. The playground for the kids was a newer jungle-gym type but offered no reprieve from the sun. They do have a waterslide albeit not humongous, but it was fun. Fees ranged from $12 per day to $20 which is a bit on the high side; or you could purchase 5 rides for $5. Which do you think the kids wanted??? So three times $12 to $20 adds up. They have Mini-golf: nothing spectacular but the kids liked it, and at $3 a head a good bargain. Their store is incredibly well stocked with many necessities and impulse items all priced at what you would expect for a camp store. They apparently make their own ice cream which was delicious. This is a larger park with friendly campers. It had all shaded sites that were very large and spacious. Large rigs up to 37 are good, with larger rigs probably squeezed by the tighter corners within the park. Again, a "5" because I feel there is a tremendous amount of potential that the owners are overlooking. Kids liked it, so we'll probably go again. Now I just hope that rooster doesn't have a brother.

Date of Stay:

It was our first time here and overall are giving it a rating of a 7.5. It is not a big park, by any means. Sites are somewhat close together with few trees, and if you have a site with a tree like ours, you are not going to be able to deploy your awning. Hookups were good, but I noticed the water to not be 'sparkling" clean, so I installed an inline filter. Roads are tight but navigable. Parking our 37' was fairly easy, but I can see it being more difficult if sites across are occupied. Bigger rigs will most definitely have difficulties across the board at this park. The "seasonal campers" have their own section which is nice. The playground area is nothing to write home about but is clean and the kids (7 year old daughter and twin 3 year old boys) had fun. The pool areas are very nice. The laundry, showers, and bathrooms were all fresh and clean. The basketball court and the Volleyball court rank low due to the quality of equipment and condition of the playing surfaces. The noise level was low, but park was approximately 50% occupied. The only complaint here was the music is on at the pool area until 9pm, and fairly loud. It is obvious the owner(s) take great pride in this facility. The plantings and overall aesthetics are very nice. With a few improvements this park it will be an "A" location.