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There is only 1 shower house for this large 80 acre camp layout. The shower house was very dirty and not well kept at all: it smelled like sewage the whole weekend. There is a very angry campground owner. Just check out the rules list, count the number of ! and !! and you will see the attitude you will receive. When we pulled into Hillview Acres Campground late on a Friday night, we were greeted with a smile and quick service to get us to our site. We purchased a gator load of firewood and that was going to be delivered right to our site. What a great start. We were warned to be sure to follow the posted 10 MPH speed limit. We cautiously worked our way to our campsite only to find there was no empty site where we thought ours was to be (few sites were actually marked). We wandered around in the dark trying to figure out where we were to be, a campground host drove up asking if we needed assistance and we shared our confusion. We learned then that a pop-up was situated on our site. We were told to just take the site next to it. As we proceed to do so, a camper at a neighboring site walked over and said oh, that’s our site for tomorrow night so you’ll have to take the next one. Moving down to the next site on a considerably less flat level site makes finding decent location for our tent a challenge, especially in the dark. At this point, the campground owner approaches. He has no idea why these folks are on our site but gives no insight as to how to solve the situation. We told him where we were going to place our tent and the camp owner says, “Oh no, that’s too close. You’re actually in the other site.” So here we are on our lowering elevation in a site that is 7 yards by 15 yards hoping to house a tent, a full size pickup truck, a fire ring and a table. We suggest we just set up for the night and re-evaluate come morning when we can all see what’s going on. Mr. Camp Owner snaps, “You can either take this site or take your money now and leave. If you stay, it’s a three night minimum.” We state: “We can see better in the morning.” He says, “Nope. And I loaded this wood and brought it to you. You need to take it. I have work to do!” (Remember it’s 11:00 at night). Finally, we find a place to pitch our tent (mostly on our own site). We wake up and find that our placement isn’t so bad, sleeping on relative flat, with a great view of the playground and the port-a-john. As long as the wind didn’t kick up, we shouldn’t burn our tent down. The neighbor did comment on what a nice song we sang as we tucked into bed at night. (See the proximity of our next door neighbors?) The closest flushing toilet and hot water availability is a 15 minute walk (by an adult) and the shower house is deplorable. The port-a-john was less than desirable after a long holiday weekend and no attention. At the playground, my children were faced with a ladder to the slide with a broken top rung with very rough edges and a slide that slid into the gravel covered ground. Throughout the weekend we felt like we were observed as real trouble makers. For instance, as we pulled out Saturday morning to go to the state park, we were behind another vehicle and Mr. Camp Owner was smiling and waved at them, obviously pleased to have them at his facility. As we passed, he created his power stance, feet apart, arms crossed, and watched us pull away. He then stepped into the driveway behind us and watched us leave. We watched him walkie-talkie someone and we figure he thought we were leaving. Wasn’t he probably disappointed when his camp host radioed back that we were nested for the weekend. On a positive note, we learned the work he had to do. He sat on his gator at various spots around the park with his radar gun making sure everyone was going under 10 mph so our little ones were safe. He was proud of his mission, letting us know he had purchased 4 of them. We would have suggested he use that money on updating his restroom facilities: but at least our dirty little ones were safe from speeders.

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We love Laurel Hill. If you like camping where you find your own entertainment (i.e. campfires, hiking, visiting the nearby beach...) you'll love it. No organized bingo, trick or treating in the middle of July, etc., can be found here. It's just what we're looking for.