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Meadowlark Acres Family Campground, Burlington, Wisconsin

Date of Stay: May, 2005 - $30.00
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We we appaled at the price for this campground. $30 per night! We had two guests (my sister and brother-in-law) and they charged them $15 per night, per person. A total of $90 EXTRA on top of the $90 we were already being charge for 3 nights. The total bill came to just shy of $200 for three nights. The owner was obsessed with cleaning the pool from leaves and debris with a very very loud leaf 7 a.m.! My guest was chastised for picking up little sticks - all of them no larger than the size of a pencil in diameter and not longer than about 12-13 inches long. It was against the rules and should he be caught again he would be fined - $25. Yet a group of children would go out and find "firewood" for their site all within site of the owner and his wife - who both saw the children each time! When the wife was approached about the high cost she gave us some convuluted story about the cost of more electric due to the extra guests (I still am trying to figure that one out!), etc... Bottom line - this is not a friendly campground and was certainly not understanding or helpful. The pool was very nice and new - but not a factor in my evaluation as we do not use a pool. I have never posted a review in the past and hope not to in the future, but this was such a bad experience that I felt I had to. Oh - here's the kicker: This is supposedly a Christian campground! (Ooops, am I throwing stones?). This is definitely a thumbs down place! We camped at Meadowlark Acres Family Campground in a Travel Trailer.


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