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I'm reviewing this park because I feel that anyone renting a site here should be prepared for a possible irritable owner. I have learned (this is my second experience with difficulty getting my money back) that people graciously "take" my money, but ungraciously give it back. We stayed here and the manager was very very nice and helpful. However, we needed to leave one day early. So we packed up and proceed to the office where we found that the office was not opened until 11 a.m. on Saturday and 12 p.m. on Sunday. Although the paper we were given stated that the office was opened at 9 a.m. At any rate, my husband talked to the owner on the phone who wanted to give us a "rain check". But not knowing if we would be coming back, my husband declined and asked to have the day's rate returned to our credit card. We waited while the owner drove over to the office. One problem we had was that the trailer directly behind us was leaking water the entire time we were there. We reported it to the manager who promptly took care of it, but the next day it was leaking again. The water drained under our trailer and our electric cord was lying in the water. Plus when we left, my husband had to stick his hand into that water to open the plug to the sewage. When he stuck his hand into the water and opened the sewage drain, much of the standing water drained into the hole. The owner, let's call him LN for Little Napolean, proceeded to say that any return to our credit card would be a $5 fee, because the credit card company charged him five dollars. My husband said, "you can give me cash instead". LN replied that he never gave cash back with a credit card transaction. Then he proceeded to give my husband back $31 on our credit card. My husband said $41 minus 5 is $36, not $31. LN said, "What, you didn't get a 10 percent discount? You were supposed to get a discount." I don't know what the discount was for, but we knew nothing about it. So for three days, we paid $123.00 instead of $110.70. So instead of us owing him $5 for the credit card fee, he really owed us $7.30 which we didn't get. My husband explained to him that something had come up and we needed to return home. He also mentioned to him the water leak. LN said, "well, I wish you would've told us before now". Which my husband replied, "I did and it was fixed, but it started leaking again". Then LN grabbed the phone and started chewing out the manager. Then LN jumped into his car and drove down to the site to see the leak for himself. When he returned, he got back on the phone and called the manager back and apologized for the way he talked to him, saying in effect, "this guy made it seem like there was a flood down there." By this time, my husband was getting upset, and said, "no I did not tell you that there was a flood. I merely told you that there was a leak. I thought you might like to know because it's costing you money." In addition to the owner's poor behavior, the RV park is located just beneath a major overpass which is quite noisy. It is a pretty site and is near the Colorado river in downtown Bastrop. Getting into the park can be tricky too, especially if you have a long RV as the entrance is at an abrupt angle to the frontage road and the space to park while you register is not very spacious. Also, when we went to use the showers the first night, the temperature inside the bath house was 62 degrees. But we told the manager who promptly raised the temperature for the next day. Overall, I would have been happy to return to this park except for the owner's behavior.

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My husband called to see if there were any spaces available at the last minute, and the young man said yes. He suggested we "reserve" it so no one would get the site before we drove down there. So we reserved the first night with a credit card. It took us about an hour to get there. When we got there, we paid with a check for the second night. When we arrived, we drove through the park and discovered that it was very crowded and very loud. The spaces were very small and the park itself was very small. We were undeterred as we had read a review that said the view of the dolphins in the arroyo was great. So we wanted to see for ourselves. In addition, we had read favorable reviews of kayaking in the area. When we got to our site, our table was covered with other campers' food and there was a man passed out on the table's bench. We had no desire to "move" these people from our spot, and we had no desire to wake up the man not knowing if he was drunk, so we drove back to the entrance and told the young man that we didn't want to stay. We were very disappointed. The young man said he could go run the man off, but we declined fearing retribution. The young man gave us our check back, but said he didn't know how to give us credit back on our card as he was a new employee. He said we'd have to call the park manager. We did, and he said he'd have to check into it and call us back. We waited and waited and waited, until we finally called him back. He quickly said that we could not have our money back since it was "reserved" and we didn't cancel in time but that we could have a "rain check". So I guess that if you reserve a space within a 24 hour window, you might as well "kiss" your money goodbye even if the site is unusable. I don't think we'll ever see our "rain check" as he made no attempt to tell us how to secure this rain check.