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Rufus RV Park

Rufus, Oregon

Date of Stay:

We travel for work frequently and needed to stay at The Rufus RV Park for four months during October, 2009 to January, 2010, so we really got a chance to learn all about this RV Park. First off the spaces are very small and yes you can park a big rig here but you will be very cramped. If you have a slide and your neighbor does also, then there may be three feet between your RV's in most spots. None of the spaces are paved and none have cable television but all do have sewer, electric and water. The laundry room is very small with five washers and five dryers and serves as the public laundry room for all of Rufus and the other surrounding communities. We had laundry stolen once. The shower/bathroom facility is public and is not safe. Each side (men and women) has only one door that opens onto three toilet stalls and three shower stalls. The shower stalls do not lock, do not contain a dressing area in the stall and some do not even close. Also not all of them work and in the female side only the middle shower has hot water and that stall door will not close all of the way. The shower room is not secure and anyone can and will walk in on you! The main door (on the female side only) locks but the manager will unlock it anytime anyone wishes to enter. There will be no knock, no warning, no nothing and you will be walked in on. Also many truck drivers stop here to use the showers and laundry room. This RV Park is kept very clean and the winter management (the only ones we knew) are very friendly. But if you are looking for something safe, secure, paved, with a laundry facility or showers, look elsewhere. The problem is that this RV Park is the only one in the entire Dalles area unless you choose to stay at a State Campground and they are only open seasonally. So if you need to plan an extended stay this is your only choice. For that I give it four stars but no more because it is not safe and there are no real amenities like you will find at most other RV Parks. Also, Wi-Fi is offered here at the cost of $20.00 per month per computer and they do track your computers unique identification, so you really can only register one per $20.00. You may also purchase Wi-Fi at the rate of $10.00 per week or $5.00 per day. I should also add that the Wi-Fi does not always work. The electricity is included in the price of the rent and for monthly it is $330.00. So the electricity is a good deal but they don't offer 50 amp so you are limited if you need that. We have dogs and this park is pet friendly, we had no problems with our dogs during our stay. I should also add that our RV is a travel trailer with a slide and is 33' long. Any longer and we really would not have fit in our spot. Oh, one more word to the wise and that is that there are very strong winds in this area, often at 35 mph or higher! Be warned to not lower your awning. :)

Date of Stay:

The monthly rent was $600.00 and the electricity was included in the rental fee. Our big problem with this park besides the price of the rent was that each weekend tent campers would camp and fill every tent space! They were very loud and the management rarely did anything to quiet them. There are also 11 small one room cabins and most of the renters remember to bring there stereo's with them! Again, the management does not quiet them. The park itself is very beautiful for a crowded RV Park and of course the Cascade Locks area is just breathtaking! The swimming pool was kept clean and the public hot tub is off limits to children and teenagers which is nice. The bathrooms are very small and the toilet stalls are so small that even children have a difficult time fitting in them. The shower stalls were also very small and not very nice but the water was hot. The bathrooms appeared to be rarely cleaned but a lot of that was probably due to the tent campers constantly washing there dishes in the sinks. For the most part the camp hosts were very friendly and the park was a pet friendly park also. The park is very crowded and congested but still a big rig can manage to back in with a bit of patience. The laundry room was nice, I wish more RV Parks had a laundry room like this one. There were several washers and only three dryers but the dryers are super sized so that they hold two to three loads and they actually dry them! If you choose to go to this park I think that it would be best to not tent camp as the tent sites are all clustered together on one huge grass area. No privacy, just a crowded and closely clustered mess. There is also a very active train route that goes directly beside the park and it is loud! So loud that it will awaken you with a scare and that is when you are inside of your RV! The train also comes by about every twenty minutes, 24 hours a day so don't camp here if you can't stand the noise. Other then that though the area scenery is beautiful and will most likely make up for the crowded noisy campground.